What Factors Into Driveway Sealing Price in Toronto?

Image depicts a sealed residential driveway.

If you have a driveway or parking lot made of asphalt, then you most likely chose that material because it is easy to install, is very durable, is relatively easy to maintain, and is fairly easy to repair if anything happens to your driveway.

Although asphalt is a dependable material, it will be negatively impacted by the elements and other external factors. Things like the weather and the weight of vehicles chip away at the strength and facade of an asphalt driveway. Snow, rain and the force of cars are all things that will lead to deterioration in the asphalt.

When the asphalt in residential or commercial driveways start to deteriorate, then you start to see cracks, potholes and unevenness to name a few. Whether you are a homeowner with a driveway or a business owner with a parking lot, you don’t want to see any blemishes on your asphalt driveway.

Image depicts a residential driveway that has been resealed by AHS.

Fortunately, there is a solution to correcting any visible signs of wear and tear on your driveway. Driveway sealing is a method for restoring driveways to their former perfection without having to replace the driveway. This service can be done for both residential driveway sealing and commercial driveway sealing. Is it also a great way to maintain an asphalt driveway. Though one question we get asked a lot is: what impacts the driveway sealing price in Toronto and the GTA? To help answer that question, we put together this helpful article with a list of the factors that will impact the price of your driveway sealing.

1. Products

Here at Action Home Services, we only use and oil-based sealer for all of our driveway sealing projects. That means that when you go with AHS for your driveway sealing, you won’t see the price change because of different sealer options.

Some companies will carry multiple types of sealer that will impact the price of driveway sealing. Some of these include Asphalt polymer emulsion, coal tar, acrylic, and fast-dry sealers. We keep it simple for the client by using one product that can reliably get the job done.

2. Tools

The driving sealing price can also be impacted by the number of tools used. For example, if you take the DIY approach, then you will have to pick up a water hose, mixing paddle, soap, pressure washer, oil spot primer, pressure washer nozzle, etc. We only need to bring our spray machine to complete the work.

3. Condition of Area

If your driveway or parking lot is in need of a deep clean, then that will impact the driveway sealing price. Things like leaves, rocks and other types of debris will add to the time it takes to complete driveway sealing. Our team will have to spend time cleaning up the workspace first before we start applying the sealing.

4. Size of the Area

What is the size of your driveway? Is it a one, two or three-car driveway? Depending on the size, the driveway sealing price will change. With more surface area to cover, the time it takes to seal a driveway goes up.

5. Area Accessibility

Sometimes, it is a little difficult to access a driveway or parking lot that requires sealing. This is particularly true of properties in the city. Labour costs of driveway sealing will go up if it is difficult for the driveway sealing company to get to the job site.

6. Number of Coats

Some companies may offer multiple coats for a driveway sealing, which can impact the price. That being said, most companies should be doing two coats by overhead. That means that there should not be a need for an extra coat.

7. Repair Work

If the driveway or parking lot is in need of some repairs, then the labour required to make the repairs will factor into the driveway sealing price. As we said, asphalt will deteriorate over time, which can lead to cracks and potholes. Here at AHS, we are happy to make any repairs that are necessary in order to apply driveway sealing.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered in the driveway sealing price in Toronto and the GTA. If you are thinking about getting your asphalt driveway sealed, then we encourage you to contact us at (647) 937-1023 to inquire about our commercial and residential driveway sealing services.

What Factors Into Interlocking Price in Toronto?

Image depicts interlocking in a Toronto backyard.

When it comes to your home, exterior design can go a long way towards improving the overall aesthetic and the curb appeal of your home. Beyond that, it can make you feel really good about your home, and that’s because good exterior design can make your home look spectacular.

Whether it is with plants, walkways, statues, patios, furniture, or gazebos, there are many ways that a homeowner can improve the exterior of their home. One of the most popular ways to add sophistication, elegance and beauty to a home is interlocking pavers. This is also one of the most tried and true ways to improve a home.

With interlocking pavers, you can use various stones to create unique and visually attractive designs for your driveway, walkway and patio. One of the most appealing aesthetic of interlocking is that it adds a luxurious and upscale feel to a home; and due to the fact that you can install interlocking anywhere around your home, you can drastically improve your front and backyard.

Image depicts residential interlocking.

As a professional and reputable interlocking company, we get many requests for interlocking. One of the main questions that we are always asked is: what factors into the price of interlocking in Toronto and the GTA? The simple answer is a lot of things. For the longer answer, we put together this article detailing seven of the factors that influence interlocking price in Toronto.

1. Materials (stone type)

This is one of the obvious factors for the price of interlocking, but it is still worth mentioning. There are many stones available to homeowners who want interlocking, all of which vary in quality and type (including pavers and flagstone).

Naturally, the type of stone that you go with will alter the final price of your interlocking, and there is a range of prices available. This is something that a representative from Action Home Services can go over with a prospective client.

2. Machine Accessibility

It is important for the company installing the interlocking to have easy access to the job site. If it is difficult for the company to get its machine (or machines) to the job site, that can influence the interlocking price. If access is difficult, then the overall price can be raised.

3. Size of Area

The size of the job size plays a major role in determining the price of an interlocking job. If we are working with a large job site, then the price will be higher than a project where we are working with a smaller job site. This is something that can be determined early on in the process during a free estimate.

4. Excavation and Demolition

The existing conditions of the job area will also factor into the interlocking price. With each and every interlocking job, there will be a certain level of excavation and demolition required. Depending on how much excavation and demolition that an interlocking company needs to complete, the overall price of the project will vary.

5. Existing Grade

Upon completing excavation and demolition, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the site in order to complete the interlocking. For example, it may be necessary to install retaining walls, which is something that will impact the interlocking price.

6. Driveway vs. Patio vs. Walkway

The area where you plan to install interlocking will have an impact on the final price. Depending on whether you choose to install driveway, patio, or walkway interlocking, the price will vary.

7. Shape of Interlocking

One of the great things about interlocking is that it allows for some unique designs, but this also means that the price can be impacted by the final design you go with. You can ask a company to design the interlocking in just about any shape, like a square, circle or triangle for example.

8. Time of Year

More often than not, companies will install interlocking between March and December. During this time, prices are fixed for the most part. Here at AHS, we offer discounts on our interlocking prices in Toronto during the month of December.

These are the primary factors that will impact the final price of an interlocking project in Toronto and the GTA. If you are planning on installing an interlocking driveway, walkway or patio, then you should get in touch with the interlocking professionals at AHS. You can give us a call at (647) 937-1023 in order to inquire about a free estimate for our interlocking services.

Tips to Hire a Power Washing Company in GTA

With time there are many conditions that your home goes through. Due to changes in weather and regular usage the home gets dirty and require maintenance with the passage of time. Dirt, grease, grime, and mold forms on roofs, decks, and concrete of your house.   Hiring a pressure or power washing company is the best way to clean it. Power washing can easily remove all the harmful elements from the surface and can make it look new. But if not done correctly, then there are chances that problems may arise to your property.

Now you might be wondering how to decide, which the best power washing company for you is?

If yes, then there are multiple factors that you need to consider while hiring a power washing company in Toronto.

So here we are with the tips to help you select a professional power washing contractor.


  1. Make sure the company is certified –

Never forget to check the license and certifications of the company. It is essential to know if the company is allowed by the government to provide the services it is offering or not. You can easily rely on that company for cleaning services if it is licensed.


  1. Compare with other companies –

Do proper research in the market before hiring. Don’t forget to get quotations from the contractors. It will help make comparisons and select the right company. Also, visiting different contractors will help you to judge about who sounds more promising and professional regarding services.


  1. Check the insurance of the company –

It is essential for you to be on the safe side if you are hiring someone for extending services at your home or commercial property. So, check if the company is insured or not. It will protect you if something unwanted happens while workers are power washing your place. If possible have a copy of this coverage in the form of a pdf or printed paper.


  1. Make sure that commercial-grade supplies are being used –

Don’t forget to check the quality of the supplies provided by the company. They had to be of high quality. A company is not considered very professional if it uses consumer-grade items.


  1. Don’t run after the lowest prices –

As you have compared the prices of the contractors, now you know what the standard cost of this service is. If there is a company that is offering you the washing service at a price lower than the standard one, then there are chances that quality is being compromised. Don’t opt at the lowest price as it can hurt you later due to a lack of quality.


  1. Check the reviews –

Make it a habit of doing online research before hiring a contractor for any kind of service. Online presence and reviews of people will help you know about the company in a real sense. Reviews are generally trustworthy and organic. Professional companies also provide blogs and articles to have a good knowledge of their services. This homework is mandatory as you are going to pay for the service and cannot afford low-quality service.


  1. Ask for reference –

You can even ask for a referral from your relatives, friends or neighbors who have had this service before. If they ever had a bad experience with some company, they will definitely warn you from hiring that contractor.


Converse with the contractor and see if he/she has enough knowledge about equipment and strategies to be used for power washing. An expert will visit the site of work and after examining can easily tell the solution required for correct cleaning. He will also suggest if heat is needed for washing or not what pressure will be most effective. He/she will stand behind while the work is done to avoid headaches for their clients.


Consider the above tips if you want that your home goes in the hands of an expert for power washing in Toronto. Hope, you have read all the tips, as all are equally important. Otherwise, it can turn into a headache for you in the future if you missed anything.

Why Choose Interlock Stones for your Property?

Whether it is remodeling or construction of your property, you will surely want a cost-effective and quality possessing alternate to make your place look attractive. Choosing the right material for constructing a driveway, walkway or patio is a crucial decision because it is something that has to be durable and at the same time it is the first thing that your guests will notice on a visit. So, it had to be attractive too. Interlock stones can serve both the demands at the same time. They come in a variety of colors, design, and strength and have multiple advantages.

Still, have a doubt and want to know more about interlock stones?

Then go through the following reasons once to know why choosing interlock stones for your property can be the best option.


  1. Aesthetic appeal –

These days many homeowners go for interlock pavers because of their property of attracting people than poured concrete or asphalt. The combination of a huge variety of designs, colors, patterns, and finishes assure the uniqueness of the project. No other material can beat the aesthetic appeal of interlock stones. So, if you want the driveway to mesmerize your guests and leave a great impression about your choices, then choosing interlock stones can be the choicest decision.


  1. Cost Effective –

The installation cost of interlock stones is not as high as you may think. Maybe pavers are expensive than poured concrete but are not costlier than stamped concrete. They possess the power of adding value to your home and can even increase its resell value. Also, their long-term expenses are less than any type of asphalt or concrete. No doubt, plain concrete slabs are affordable initially, but their frequent repairment at a later stage will disturb you become a headache for you.


  1. Durability –

The stones are strong and hence durable. If the installation process is done accurately by an expert, then it is supposed to last for a lifetime. It bears four times as much weight as concrete can take, that too without cracking. Also, they hold their color for long under different weather conditions of Canada when compared to stained or stamped concrete. The best thing about interlock stones is that when the earth under them moves, they adapt to the movement.


  1. Increase the value of the property –

As soon as the interlock stones are installed in your property, its value increases. If installed properly, they can last up to 30 years, that too, without requiring any maintenance cost. Its reselling value will also shoot-up due to the presence of durable stones. Moreover, their elegance will always attract more potential buyers, and it can easily be sold in the future if you ever wish to do so.


  1. Safe and non-slip –

Where concrete slabs are slippery when wet, interlock stones are non-slippery. They are safe as vehicles can have better traction on them and also prevent tire marks as in the case of concrete slabs. Also, they are the righteous choice for pedestrian and pool projects.


  1. Repairs –

It is hardly required, and if for some reason it demands repairment, then it is effortless. The stone just needs to be lifted and repaired, and the work is done. It’s that simple. Whereas, in case of a concrete slab, you have to destroy it and start over again.


  1. Versatile in nature –

Interlock stones possess the property of versatility and hence can be installed anywhere, whether it is the driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, patio, or pool deck. It can be the best choice for any outdoor surface, for home as well as commercial property.


  1. Weather Resistance –

They can be used and installed in any climate. Also, they can be put to use immediately after installation. Due to the interlocking joint between stones, they do not crack as in the case of concrete slabs. Even, their color does not fade due to change in the climate.



Choose wisely! After all, it is a long time investment and cannot be done again and again. Durable, colorful concrete stones provide an elegant and easy way to enhance the quality of your home and can improve the quality of your family’s life. More attractive the place, more your family will enjoy living there.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Landscape Contractor in Your City

Today every homeowner, property manager and business in Toronto is looking forward to adding aesthetics to their premises. Just by adding simple elements like flora fauna, lighting, terrain shape, or bodies of water, they are able to transform the whole aura around the property.

There is no doubt that landscaping has a great potential in enhancing the quality of surroundings as well the life of the people residing in it. The addition of green elements produces clean and fresh air along with giving a tinge of uniqueness and beauty.

But, planning the right kind of landscape is a challenging job. Some people call it an art and some refer to as science. However, when observed carefully, it is both science and art.

  • Art – because every single thing has to placed in a way that it compliments other elements around and maximum functionality can be derived out of it.
  • Science – because it demands proficiency in horticulture, soil biology, engineering and a clear understanding of how the planned layout will work out.

Having said that, assistance from a professional is a must if you want to get the job done with great perfection and efficacy. Getting the right kind of commercial landscaping company on board is essential for transforming your dreams into reality.

However, with so many landscaping companies operating in the market, how do you choose the best one? Well, don’t panic. Simply follow these tips and find the right one for your needs –

What you need VS What the company offers

This is the first thing you should do for getting one step closer to the most suitable landscaping company in your city. Asking yourself about your needs and whether or not the company will provide you with the same is a double-edged question which will be helpful in picking the best contractor.

Getting a landscaper for your property can have an array of purposes. It can be either to create a sustainable surrounding or adding aesthetic appeal to the property or to increase its sales value of. Whatever it is, just have clarity in mind first and then discuss it with the contractor.

Some of the common landscaping services that you might need are:

  • Mowing
  • Mulch
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Leaf Removal
  • Irrigation
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation and Repair
  • Designing and Enhancement
  • General Maintenance

Sustainable Practices

Sustainable landscaping is the demand of today. The awareness regarding such surroundings has increased manifold with more and more people shifting towards the companies that indulge in eco-friendly practices for protecting the planet.

With so many major environmental challenges being faced by the world currently, a lot of brands are supporting sustainability and undertaking conservation practices. Many renowned companies have started including sustainable practices of landscaping as a major part of their plans and strategies which not only help in contributing to the well-being of the community but also save money and efforts of clients on its maintenance.

That is why it is important to ensure that the landscaping company you hire should:

  • Encourage plantation of native plants requiring less water and maintenance
  • Use organic materials for improving the lawn
  • Use water-conserving irrigation systems
  • Install energy-efficient outdoor lighting
  • Help you in recycling waste like leaves, clippings, fallen branches, etc.

Experience and Qualification

While it may seem obvious, a lot of people tend to turn a blind eye towards the level of knowledge and experience a landscaping company carries. As mentioned previously, a landscape contractor should have great proficiency in horticulture and must be able to understand your landscape site well.

So, when you go about narrowing down your list of potential companies, make sure you carry out extensive research beforehand to avoid unpleasant outcomes later. Speak to your friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors around to get reliable feedback. Check out the company’s website and online reviews or complaints (if any).

The following things will give you a clear picture of the company’s background and legitimacy:

  • Year of the company’s establishment
  • Licenses to carry out commercial landscaping work
  • Certifications available to the company
  • Insurance and Affiliations
  • Tools & Equipment to work on the landscape

Make sure the company is able to provide you with documentation of each of the above-mentioned aspects as this will have you rest assured in terms of quality of services being offered.

References and Work Portfolio

If you are hiring a landscaping company for the first time, the whole experience can be overwhelming. You cannot figure out properly who is most suitable for your requirements and who will perform the job up to the mark.

In such a scenario, nothing works as wonderfully as taking reviews of the past clients who have similar property likes yours and have hired the services of the prospective landscaping company before. Contacting the references and visiting their site in person can be a great way to have an idea of what can be expected out of your landscape contractor.

A professional landscaping company would never hesitate in providing you with a list of references and photos of their previous commercial projects. They would happily let you evaluate every aspect about them in detail without hurrying you to taking a decision. They trust their capabilities and so will you.

Price Estimates

Nothing in this world comes without cost, nor does the conversion of your plain, monotonous property surroundings into a beautiful landscape. So, planning a desired budget range is crucial for every project.

You have to jot down the kind of transformations you are looking for in your landscape and accordingly decide on a price you are willing to pay to get it done. As per your budget, the landscape contractor would suggest an array of designs and it will be up to you whether or not to go for it.

But remember, there would always be differences in prices of landscaping companies. It might be because of the stuff competition prevailing in the market, or probably because of low-quality materials and equipment being used by them. So, be alert and look for a cost-effective deal. Don’t get enticed by the low prices or go on throwing away your money in the name of quality.

Finding the Best General Contractor for Home Renovation

Nothing is as exciting as giving life to the thought of having your own dream home. But, along with this hefty investment, comes an onus on the homeowner to maintain it properly and keep it in a great condition as always.

With multiple things going on in a house, there happens a lot of wear and tear within a few years of construction. Those fading wall paints, drafty and non-efficient old windows, ripped off floorings, etc. demand repairs and renovations from time to time for maintaining the overall look of the property.

There are also situations where people resort to home renovation just to revamp certain area of the house to attain a new and fresh feel. Anything that looks out of the place can be mended and utilized in a better way.

However, just like every other thing in the world, renovating a home calls for a substantial amount of money and efforts. So, before you go ahead with renovating your home, you should have your mind prepared to encounter stressful experiences and unpleasant surprises lying behind the walls.

Also, you should call for an expert advice from a reputed general contractor who will help you in planning a perfectly constructed building and get you acquainted with reliable electricians, plumbers, manufacturers of building materials, etc.

A general contractor plays a crucial role in renovating a building, so you need to ensure that you hire the right one. Here are some tips to help you in this search process –

Evaluate Your Needs

Assessing your needs should be the first and foremost thing to do for getting one step closer to the best general contractor in the market. You need to have a plan and decide what exactly you want to renovate. Only then you will be able to explain it to the contractor and see if he understands your vision in the same manner or not.

Usually, the general contractors are hired for projects like:

  • Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or any other area of the house
  • Building an additional space in your house
  • Constructing a new building from scratch

So, spend enough time in identifying your goals and devising a detailed plan. This will ultimately help you in getting an accurate budget range in hand and executing your ideas to perfection.

Carry Out Some Research

When you are done evaluating your needs, you have to find a contractor who has the potential to fulfil your requirements. And for that, some sort of research has to be done on your end. You can start by talking to people around to get any references from them. There are greater possibilities of getting honest feedback from your closed ones and acquaintances.

You can also search online for a contractor. With the expansive network of the Internet, you will be able to fetch a list of all general contractors operating in your city. You can surf through their websites and see how well they have projected themselves. You can interact with people over social media platforms or forums and take recommendations from them also.

This step will be helpful in comparing your potential candidates on a various set of parameters and funnel down your list further.

Consider Experience and Qualification

Having an experienced contractor on board can save you from a great hassle that you cannot handle yourself. A professional who has been in the industry for long possesses the right skills and qualifications to do the job perfectly and identify every possible pitfall in renovating different areas of a building.

Another important thing to look for is whether the prospective contractor is actually experienced in the type of job you want to get done. A general contractor may have several years of experience in building and renovating bathrooms, but does he has the skills and knowledge to renovate your kitchen and other areas of the home as well? Similarly, a contractor may have worked on hundreds of residential projects, but can he execute your commercial renovation project with the same level of efficacy?

Ask the prospective contractors about their specialization and see if that is what you are looking for yourself.

Ask for Client References and Work Portfolio

The best way to determine the level of expertise of general contractors is to check the photos of the projects that they have undertaken in the past. Surf through their websites and check the images or links of their projects before and after renovating.

To judge the honest reputation of the contractor, ask for a list of clients that have dealt with him previously. Talk to them and ask about their experiences. You can also plan a visit in person to these renovated sites to get better clarity and see if the contractor is even fit for your kind of project or not.

Always remember that good contractors happily provide their clients with references and transparency in their past projects. If you find a contractor hesitating in showing you so, then it is surely a red flag.

Verify Licenses and Other Credentials

It is highly crucial that the contractor you are planning to work with is duly licensed and certified. The licenses acquired from the state government or local authorities permit the contractor to carry out renovation work in the community and the certifications, on the other hand, indicate that the contractor has taken formal training in renovation job.

You also need to look into insurance that is provided by the company to save you from any kind of liability that may arise in case any damage is done to your property or if the contractor or his team gets injured on-site.

Reliable contractors always take proud in their affiliations with local home builders associations and accreditations to renovate in adherence to the environmental standards. So, when you hire such a contractor, you can rest assured in terms of quality of services and products being offered by them.


Make sure you take a reasonable time to finalize the general contractor you want to work with. Never rush with the process otherwise you will end up with regretful results later in the future.


8 Tips for Hiring a Local Demolition Contractor

Home remodeling is a nerve-racking job. Everything starts from scratch in this process along with an additional burden of the demolition of what is not required. From tearing down the unnecessary wall partitions and the out-dated interiors or deconstructing the complete building – everything forms a part of the demolition process.

Remodeling as the term suggests refers to altering the layout or structure of the building. So, to achieve that complete alteration, you would first need a demolition contractor. But hiring one isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to choose someone who is knowledgeable and knows the work really well, which is no less than a challenge.

Here are some amazing tips to help you get most out of your demolition contractor and have a smooth home improvement project ahead –

  1. Plan it Well

Before you head out to hire a demolition contractor, you have to first ensure that all the work you want to get done is planned out carefully. Whether it is a straightforward demolition or remodeling a part of your house, you have to be clear with your vision.

Is it stripping the interiors? Is it redesigning the whole space? Is it only about re-painting the walls? Are you planning to install new things? All these questions should strike your mind first before you even decide to hire someone. Always remember that no two remodeling projects are the same. The kind of remodeling you would go for will decide what kind of contractor will be best for you.

Also, you should have access to all the essential information like what is the size of the house, what are the materials used in it, how thick is the foundation, will the demolishment affect the nearby surroundings, etc.

  1. Get Recommendations

Word of mouth is the best way to find a qualified demolition contractor in your city. Nothing can beat the prominence of this form of publicity as it solely rests on an individual’s personal experience with the contractor.

So, start your search by asking reliable people around you who have had the similar work done. Speak to your friends, family, relatives for any recommendation they might have. Ask what their experience with the prospective contractor was and what made them give good feedback for him.

There are greater chances of meeting the right demolition contractor quickly through your social circle.

  1. Search Online

For the people who don’t wish to rely on recommendations given by their relatives, they should start searching for local demolition contractors operating in their locality. In the present scenario, there would be hardly any contractor or a company involved in the demolition process which is not listed online or doesn’t have an established online presence.

Checking out the contractors’ website, the feedback and ratings given by their past clients is a great way to judge the quality level of their services. A contractor having plenty of negative reviews should be dropped off from your list immediately.

  1. Look for Specialization

Demolition of a building or a part of it comes with its own set of complications. There are unknown surprises behind the wall, dangerous electrical wiring systems that need to be handled with care.

If you are planning a home remodeling, then you need to find a contractor that has specialization in residential demolition. So, call the local demolition contractors and ask about their expertise. The contractors carrying a similar level of specialty as required by you should stay on your list and the ones that don’t match your criteria should be ignored.

  1. Verify Credentials and Licenses

Nothing is as worse than hiring a contractor who is not licensed by the state authorities. A license is a mandated requirement for every contractor to be able to work in the community and keep it updated as well to continue with business operations.

The certifications indicate that the contractor belongs to a certain organization and abides by its strict rules and ethics and is hence more reliable than any other non-certified contractor in the city. So, never be afraid of asking the contractors for their license numbers and the types of certifications they hold. A contractor denying or hesitating to show you the license number is surely a red flag.

Also, stay away from the contractors that don’t have insurance or else you will land up with huge liability in case any team member or a person walking by your home gets injured during the course of the project.

  1. Be Clear with Your Requirements

As a homeowner, it is your job to have complete clarity as to what kind of job you want to get done. Also, it is a duty job to specify the same to the contractor in as much detailed manner as possible.

Some renowned demolition contractors often ask their clients to send pictures of the site and then discuss what exactly needs to be done. If your shortlisted contractors don’t ask so, you can yourself ask them if you can send pictures or if they are comfortable in visiting your premises personally.

  1. Compare Pricing

When you are done narrowing down your options to 2-3 potential contractors, you should ask them to share the overall cost of the job along the time duration required to complete it.

It is always recommended to get bids from multiple contractors to be able to select the most feasible one. But make sure, you don’t only hanker for the lowest bids and rather pay due respect for the experience and skill of the contractors as well.

Demolition is followed by huge heaps of useless concrete and damaged building materials, so make sure your contractor helps you in disposing it of systematically.

  1. Get Everything in Writing

As a smart customer, always make sure you get all the discussed terms and conditions laid down in a written contract. Have a thorough reading of the documents prepared by your contractor and only after carefully scrutinizing, take it further.

Don’t just rest assured on verbal commitments or you may regret it if any ambiguity arises in the future.


Tips for Finding the Right Contractor for Your Renovation Project

Investing in your dream home is never just about finding the right home and paying a hefty price for it. It is also about taking the onus of its maintenance and keep it in great condition as always. With so many things going around in any residential property, it tends to look worn out within just a few years of construction and hence demands reasonable repair, renovations and at times remodeling as well.

For a majority of homeowners, the decision of renovating a home is taken out of compulsion – there may be fading wall paints, drafty and non-efficient old windows, ripped off floorings, etc. While some people resort to renovation by choice, where they wish to revamp their existing house to give it a new and fresh look. Whatever be the reason, it will ultimately pay off in the form of the increased market value of your property in the future.

Before going ahead with the renovation, you should prepare your mind that it can be little stressful, expensive and may involve unpleasant surprises like leaking pipes or faulty electrical wiring behind walls, rotting wood, etc. This is why it calls for a professional contractor possessing all the required skills to carry out the job perfectly.

However, finding the right contractor for your project can be a challenge, especially for the first-timers. So, here are few tips enlisted to ease up the whole process for you –

Tip 1: Know What You Want

Every individual has been listening to this same statement across different stages of life, right from deciding his food to the career. It is because, till the time you aren’t aware of your goals, it is almost impossible to accomplish them.

Similar is the case of picking up a contractor. You should have a clear vision and be very specific as to what changes do you look up to in your home. Knowing about the materials required in the process will be an added advantage.

So, devise a feasible plan and brainstorm some ideas to transform your vision into achievements.

Caution: Don’t get stuck into unrealistic renovation goals that are either too difficult to fulfill or too costly to execute. Create a budget in mind and stick to it.

Tip 2: Ask Around

After you are done assessing your needs, you should start finding contractors who would be able to assist you with it. You can start your search hunt by speaking to people around who have had similar work done recently.

You can also search online for the contractor providing a similar type of service in your locality. Social media is also a great medium to ask for recommendations from people. But, just make sure, whosoever you choose has positive customer reviews and ratings.

So, create a list of multiple contractors to be able to compare their services and shortlist them further.

Caution: Beware of non-reputable renovation contractors who don’t have a strong and established online presence, a basic website or any customer reviews. Also, be cautious of fake testimonials and feedback as many contractors get the paid positive ratings online.

Tip 3: Look for Expertise and Work Portfolio

It is important to choose a contractor possessing the desired skills in the type of renovation you want for your house. A bathroom renovation contractor won’t fit well for a kitchen renovation job and vice-versa. You will need a contractor who specializes in that work and performs it really well.

To get insights into the level of specialization the shortlisted contractors carry, you can ask each of them to present their latest works along with quality pictures and references of their previous clients. You can also surf their websites and see if they have left any link to their recent projects.

Having observed their work and the kind of projects they have undertaken in the past, you will be able to decide whether any of those contractors is fit for yours.

Caution: Look out for the contractors who don’t have enough projects in their portfolio. Lack of images depicting before and after renovating the house is surely a red flag. Also, ensure that the house images (if any) you see on the website are pictures of their original work and don’t belong to anyone else.

Tip 4: Check for the Mandate Licenses and Certifications

The best way to narrow down your list of contractors is to check whether they are duly licensed by the state government or local authorities or not. However, the types of such licenses may vary from state to state.

Every contractor is required to possess licenses and certifications to operate the business. These licenses are indicative of their safe and legal business activities. In addition, they are evidence that the contractors and its team members have undergone formal training to carry out the job. Hence, ensure that the licenses and policies are in place and completely up to date.

Also, check if they provide you with liability insurance in case any damage is done your property.

Caution: Make sure you verify the legitimacy of the contractor before moving ahead. Also, strike off the names of the contractors that are not in possession of the latest licenses and credentials or deny presenting the copy of such documents to you.

Tip 5: Get Written Bids

Now that you are done shortlisting your options to only two-three contractors, you should ask them to share written bids for your renovation project which will help you in evaluating them in terms of quality and price of the services.

After thorough discussions, the contractors share a brief proposal of the work they will perform and the estimated price they will charge for it. This proposal contains other important things as well, like the timeline of the project, the materials that will be used, and any warranty if available.

It is important to note that price shouldn’t be the only judging parameter. Pay enough attention to the quality of services the prospective contractor would provide you with.

Caution: Make sure there aren’t any hidden charges or additional costs. Moreover, don’t fall prey to lowest bids or high discounts. And, always stay away from contractors that try to build up unnecessary pressure by calling you a hundred times and asking you to accept their bids.

4 Great Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Space

So, it is time to bid adieu to winters and get into the fun mode of summers. Now, you would be experiencing long days and would be spending more time in your backyard, relaxing on the patio or around the pool.

Having a comfortable outdoor space becomes a reason for enjoying with family and friends and recharges you at the end of busy days. It also helps you in getting relaxed and reconnect with nature.

However, creating an ideal outdoor space to boost up your energy levels is a thoughtful process. It is not a weekend project and rather requires full-proof planning to withstand the extreme hot climate and downpours. Hence, taking assistance from a reliable landscape designer is always recommended.

There are some amazing tips to prepare your outdoor space for the season. Have a look –

Create plenty of seating space

The sole purpose of getting an outdoor space designed is to create a relaxed environment. And an area which doesn’t have ample sitting arrangement will not provide relaxation in any way as most of the time would be spent in standing around.

If you want to spend a lot of time outside during this summer and thinking to plan an area to cater to large groups of family or friends, then having comfortable chairs or deck benches is a must.

Use the right kind of outdoor furniture and fabric

One important thing you should note is that when you plan to buy furniture for your outdoor space, it has to be the one that is specifically meant for outside. The furniture used for indoors is very delicate and the same cannot be used for outside, especially if the seating area will be exposed to sunlight and rains.

Outdoor fabrics are water and stain resistant and don’t fade away in the sun. They are slightly expensive than indoor fabrics but totally worthwhile.

Add some decorative elements

Just like for indoors, you should never hesitate in going the extra mile to decorate your outdoors. Using additive elements like curtains, fire pit, floor coverings, and soft furnishings will surely add an oomph factor to the area and give you that luxurious feeling. You can also paint your fence to add a pop of color and create a fresh and new look for the season.

Use some statement pots and plants to add personality to the whole area. And, don’t forget to add accent lighting to add ambiance. You can also use one long strand or connect multiple strands for a dramatic atmosphere.

Install an outdoor fountain

Water fountains are a popular trend nowadays and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. They accentuate the beauty of the space where they get installed and at the same time keep the surroundings a lot cooler. They are also known to reduce stress, bring relaxation and contribute in a good sleep.

Moreover, they act as natural humidifiers for the space by removing excess dryness around and improve the air quality.


Interlocking or Asphalt Driveways: Which One Should You Choose

The driveway is the most prominent part of any home. It is the first thing that the people visiting your home would see. That is why it is important to keep it well maintained throughout the year.

In comparison to the other parts of your home, driveways get the maximum visibility and play a substantial role in keeping up the value of your property. In addition, it drives the highest traffic and demands frequent maintenance than the rest of the home.

Considering the facts, you need to build your driveways with robust materials that can literally withstand the tonnes of daily usage. With majorly two kinds of material (Asphalt and Interlocking) to choose from, people often get confused in regards to what material will be appropriate for them for building the driveway.

Well, here is a detailed comparison between Interlocking and Asphalt Driveways to ease up the whole scenario and help you pick the right option amongst them –


When it comes to looks, nothing can beat the appeal of the interlocking driveway. The asphalt driveways look plain and boring whereas there are hundreds of different options in interlocking driveways. Every pattern of interlocking is unique and comes in an array of attractive shades, designs, and sizes.

An asphalt driveway works well for those who are fine with the basic looks, but for people who want their house to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, the interlocking driveway is your go.


The asphalt is laid 2 inches deep and tends to lose integrity over time. It has a short timespan ranging from anywhere between 8 to 15 years. On the other hand, the interlocking materials are much sturdier and can last easily up to 20-30 years.

However, the foundation beneath these driveways have to be paid close attention otherwise the asphalt can crack and interlocking can sag easily.


If you measure your options on the price scale, then you would find asphalt and interlocking on extreme ends – asphalt is far cheaper than installing an interlocking driveway. It is because asphalt paving doesn’t require much labor and materials and is far easier to install. Whereas in the interlocking process, each stone has to be laid down carefully with the help of skilled labor; leading to high costs.

However, if observed carefully, asphalt is cost-effective only in the short run. It tends to get worn out after some time and demands repair every 3-5 years. If you are looking for long run cost-effectiveness, then interlocking driveway should be on your list.



The asphalt driveways are made of rock, sand, asphalt cement, and a tar-like petroleum product which require high-maintenance. You have to pay enough attention to sealing the driveway every 1-5 years to prevent the frost from creating large cracks in the paving.

However, the interlock pavers don’t demand much of maintenance once they are properly paved. All you need is occasional power washing to remove the dirt accumulated in the gaps and refill them to curb the weed growth.

To summarize, both the materials have their own list of pros and cons. So, you should consider all aspects before you make your final call.