Top 5 Landscape Design Mistakes!
Top Landscape Design Mistakes

Landscape Design Pitfalls to Avoid

1. PUTTING THE PLANTS ONLY ON THE FENCE LINE: This is a common design method for homeowner to use, that they can maximize their inner patio space and to soften the fence line. Ironically, this actually makes the space smaller! The garden will then further make the space seem smaller, and leaving you with smaller inner space. So instead, focus on using plants to create separation space and break up the space into multiple different ‘rooms’ will achieve a wider visual focus.

Backyard fence line

2. BUYING PLANTS BASE ON THEIR BLOOM: We all know that the bloom is highly attractive, but ‘smelling the roses’ just the only exciting thing. A bloom often last much less than the actual leaf and the form of the tree. When considering plants, think of the actual plant when it is not in season! A great example plant are the Ivory Halo Dogwood, a low cost plant, easy to grow and it is a beautiful four season interest!

Ivory Halo Dogwood

3. OVERUSING THE INTRICATE PATTERN: The use of intricate and snazzy patterns has become a huge trend in the passing recent years. They look absolutely fantastic in a modern contemporary landscape but when plants are added to it, these carefully tailored geometric forms start to become fuzzy. When designing all the patterns and all the flare, it is critical to remember how the plants will play in the landscape.

Plants for landscape design

4. THE OVERBEARING RETAINING WALL!: It is common to have a huge drop in a landscape, even in urban residential settings. But what you do not want, is just having one straight wall that drops at a significant height. Though at times, you just can’t help it if space is a concern. But a cascading garden is always preferred to create more visual focus.

Cascading garden

5. PATIO AT JUST AROUND THE HOUSE: The most cost effective way to have yourself a patio space, is no doubt having simple steps getting from your backyard door to the ground level, and then an immediate patio space just right next to the backyard door. This is seen commonly in ‘builder-special’ patio, which are highly cost efficient. But they are not designed so much for the human in mind. Think about where you would enjoy most in seating, often, one will point somewhere out in the yard! As that is where they feel more relaxed, or are most inspired. The sight looking back to the house is just as important as the sight looking out from your kitchen window out to your backyard.

Backyard patio space

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