Interlock Repair and Installation Services Markham

Are you tired of having a sunken driveway and steps that are falling apart? We are here to help! Action Home Services is a professional paver technician who will help you to restore and repair your stones. Our technicians will fix absolutely any problem and make you love your pavers again. We can also replace some of the broken stones for you or refill the joints to protect it from weeds growing. 

Interlock Repair Services in Toronto and GTA

You may have noticed that your driveway or patio has lost a little bit of it’s shine over the years. Cracks may have started to form, or there may be low spots or even weeds growing through. This can be due to a number of reasons. It’s possible that the driveway or patio was not properly installed in the first place. There is a considerable amount of preparation that needs to be done to the soil to ensure that it is compacted and levelled correctly. Don’t worry, though, if you are in need of an interlocking repair on any surface, the Action Home Services team can step in to save the day.

Our experts will be able to quickly assess the damage to your driveway and not only repair it with a band-aid solution, they will go to the root cause. This will ensure that the repair we perform is long lasting. We always go the extra mile to make your home look as good as possible for as long as possible. After all, your driveway is the first thing that people see as they approach your home, so having it look its best is very important.

Retaining Wall Repair Contractor in Toronto and GTA

Ensuring that your retaining walls are properly looked after is an essential part of any home maintenance. The purpose of a retaining wall is to hold in any lateral pressure from soil pushing against it. Retaining walls can be made out of a variety of materials including concrete, stone, wood, masonry, steel and brick.

Usually, the signs that a retaining wall is damaged and in need of repair are obvious. They are also easy to ignore. The sooner you identify a problem and have the Action Home Services team fix it, the easier and cheaper the job will be. It is vital that you are familiar with how to spot if your retaining wall is damaged. Here are some indications to look out for:

  • Tilting Walls
  • Separation of Retaining Wall from Adjoining Walls
  • Forward Movement of Wall or Wall Sections
  • Buckling, Cracked, or Crumbling Walls

Interlock Contractors Markham

Our interlocking installers have years of experience and capable to repair any type of projects. Our experience and effort mean your pavers will look good after 10 years, just as they did the first day of installation. Before starting any project our qualified technicians will check all the spots where the stones have sunken. After this we will identify the reason of settling and make sure that it won’t happen again. Also, we will make sure that all the water will drain away from the house to prevent any water getting into foundation of the wall. Action Home Service provides up to 5-year limited warranty on labor to prove the highest quality of our services.

Steps Repair

If your interlock steps are cracked or start to deteriorate due to years of use, interlock step repair will bring them back to presentable order. Having damaged and aged steps can bring down the overall look of your property, causing it to look unsightly and unwelcoming, so repairing your interlock steps is crucial to overall curb appeal and the equity of your property. AHS are professionals when it comes to interlocking and they take it very seriously. If you have any problems with your interlock steps AHS will visit your property and find the problems and fix it with utmost quality and attention to detail so your steps will look as good as the day you had them installed.

Driveway Repair

Driveways are a large part of what brings the look of your property together. If you have a damaged, cracked or deteriorating driveway it will be a large weight on the look of your home and hurt your property’s overall value. If your interlock driveway wasn’t properly installed it can cause it to deteriorate quicker than it should, it needs to be leveled and the mortar must be installed carefully. If your interlock driving is not looking as good as it once did, AHS will carefully repair your interlock driveway, and due to our years of experience you can depend on our repair to not only make your driveway look better but that it is done properly and will last for years to come.

Interlock Repair Contractor in Toronto and GTA

Action Home Services is an experienced interlocking contractor serving Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Scarborough, Brampton, Mississauga, Burlington, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Milton, Oakville, Aurora, Caledon, Pickering, Whitchurch – Stouffville, Ajax, Whitby, New Market.

We also can help you with:

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  • Interlocking Patio Repair
  • Front Steps & Entry Way Repair
  • Flagstone Repair
  • Natural Stone Repair
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  • Retaining Walls Repair
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