Outdoor Privacy Screens in Toronto & GTA

If you are looking for a stylish, yet private addition to your backyard, privacy screens might be just the thing for you! Choose from a variety of different materials to match your yard’s aesthetic and create an elegant and intimate entertaining space for you and your guests.

Choose AHS for Your Outdoor Privacy Screens

Our team is made up of highly-qualified privacy screen designers and installation experts. We have years of experience creating beautiful pieces that our clients absolutely love. Each design is well thought out to cater to the wants and needs of each individual homeowner.

It’s your home, and we want to help you achieve the dream home you have in your mind. Our hope is that our love for what we do shines through in our projects and customer reviews. When you call our Outdoor Privacy Screen and Custom Landscape Specialists in Toronto and the GTA, you can expect quality customer service and results. Here’s what we can do for YOU: 

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Outdoor Privacy Screens $190 / foot Free In-Home Estimate

Privacy Screen Design Options

At Action Home Services, we pride ourselves on providing unique and original designs that will set your property apart. Each owner has their own requirements - we want to work closely with you to ensure we can incorporate all of your must-haves, and merge them with our experience and creativity, forming a one-of-a-kind landscape design that you can feel confident showing off to your guests. With privacy screens, you can customize the size, material, and style to make sure the design is one you will love for years to come.

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Expertly Crafted Backyard Privacy Screens

An outdoor privacy screen can create an attractive barrier, shielding your property or sectioning it off. They can act as a windbreaker to protect against gusts of wind that can affect outdoor activities, or provide some shade if placed strategically. If your yard has views of roads on neighbouring houses, privacy screens can be used to obstruct your view – out of sight, out of mind! On top of these practical benefits, privacy screens can be customized in many different styles and materials to serve as a strictly aesthetic addition to a garden, dining area, etc.

No matter what style you choose, outdoor privacy screens provide a great way to enhance your outdoor space while also providing you with more control over who sees it.



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Customize Your Privacy Screen?

Custom outdoor privacy screens are a great way to add extra protection and privacy to your home. These types of screens can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl, and come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Many homeowners choose to customize their privacy screens with different colours, patterns, and designs to match their existing landscaping. With custom outdoor privacy screens, you can create the perfect barrier between your yard and the outside world, while still allowing sunlight in and unwanted views, out.

No matter what type of look you’re trying to achieve for your outdoor space, custom outdoor privacy screens are an excellent option for adding both security and privacy to your home. get in touch with our team to get started on designing your privacy screen.

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Benefits of Installing a Privacy Screen

Privacy screens installed around the exterior of your home can be used to increase the functionality of your yard. They can be extremely beneficial for creating shaded areas or blocking the wind. They are also super common for yards designed to entertain, as they create a beautiful flow while separating areas (such as the dining area from the pool), to have a shared space while offering intimacy and privacy. 

With the right design and materials, these screens can provide eye-catching accents for your backyard that blend seamlessly with your home’s existing architecture. They can be decorated with string lights, vines, lanterns, and so on, or used as a photo backdrop for gatherings and events.

Providing Quality Services Throughout Toronto and the GTA

We are Action Home Services, a custom design, construction, and general contracting company that serves Toronto and the GTA. Ready to transform your backyard with privacy screens? Give AHS a call and we'll set you up with your free quote to get the ball rolling on your project.

Certified Professionals

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Action Home Services Privacy Screen Installation Process

Below are the following steps our contractors will take to install a privacy screen in your backyard:

Step 1: Prepare the Area – Before installing an outdoor privacy screen, our licensed contractors at AHS will inspect the area and identify any potential hazards. This includes assessing the soil conditions, checking for debris or hazardous materials nearby, and making sure no underground utilities are in the way.

Step 2: Install Posts – Next, we will install posts with your desired measurements to establish the perimeter of where the outdoor privacy screen will be placed. These posts can vary in size depending on how much privacy is needed and what type of material is being used for the screens. The posts will be installed into a base that has been dug several inches into the ground, to ensure it is secure. 

Step 3: Attach the Privacy Screen – After the posts are in place, contractors will attach the privacy screen material to the posts. The most common materials include wood, metal, and vinyl. Contractors will carefully measure each piece of material before attaching it with screws or nails so it fits perfectly into place. 

Step 4: Add Finishing Touches – Once all of the screens are attached, our specialists will add finishing touches, like trim pieces and decorative accents. Theycan paint, stain or apply sealant depending on the material used.

Step 5: Final Inspection – Before leaving the job, our contracting team will inspect their work to make sure everything has been installed correctly. This includes examining all of the posts, screens, trim pieces, and other accents to ensure they’re in good condition and properly secured.

Once these steps are complete, your outdoor privacy screen is fully functional and ready for use! Action Home Services has the experience and skills necessary to ensure your project is finished safely and correctly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are privacy screen made out of?

Typically pressure treated wood, cedar, or other outdoor wood material. For a no hassel option, people are going into composite board installed onto the wood frame, or a modern laser cut aluminum style. There are Cortan steel also that are being introduced to the residential market.

How tall can a privacy screen be?

Depending on your area, there are technically no ‘set’ limit to how tall it can be. Privacy screen that isn’t on the property line doesn’t get counted as a fence, though it is best to check with your city first.

How big the gap should be for privacy screen?

Now this really only applies to horizontal screens, ideally the gapping should be under 2″. If it was 2″ or more, then it can be count as ‘climbable’

Should I do vertical fence or horizontal fence?

This is a personal choice really! They come down to design and style that you guys like.

Can I install fence on the deck?

Sure can! Sometimes you can use the frame of the deck!

When can I paint my privacy screen?

If it is a wooden material, you can certainly paint a wooden privacy sceren, as long as you wait for a year for it to cure. Most of the time, wood are still wet or miost, so it does not take in paint just yet.