Permeable Driveways in Toronto and the GTA

Installing a permeable driveway is an efficient way to deal with water runoff from rain or storms. This is a big issue for many homeowners across Toronto and the GTA, which makes permeable pavers the solution that many people need.

This type of pavers has holes and cracks between each piece that filters that water slowly. This is to ensure that there is no runoff. Apart from the fact that these pavers are incredibly efficient when it comes to drainage, they look great and can increase the curb appeal and value of any home. Give our team a call today at (647) 937-1023 to learn more about our permeable driveway service and to request a free quote on our work.

Modern Driveway

Like normal pavers, permeable interlock pavers provide strength and load-bearing properties as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. To install permeable pavers they are laid on top of a crushed granular base that stores water or debris before it is drained on the ground away from the driveway.

Not all permeable pavers are interlocking, some are porous asphalt and concrete that have similar draining properties. This is done to prevent stormwater from running off and seeping into the ground, causing pooling, flooding and erosion over time. The Greater Toronto Area is constructed primarily of hard materials so pooling, flooding and erosion can cause a lot of problems when a storm drain is inaccessible or overflowing.

Permeable Pavers

There are many great reasons to have permeable pavers installed. Permeable pavers reduce transportation of pollution as well as the amount of water that runs off your property that causes flooding, erosion and pooling. They also increase the rate of groundwater recharge so the surface water will reach the groundwater faster which will speed up the hydrologic process.

And it is also good for your landscape as it increases the amount of green area on your property due to the lack of pollution being transported. So not only are permeable pavers good for the environment, but they are also good for your lawn and the overall aesthetic of your home. 

Front Yard Parking Pads

Front yard parking pads are interlocking installed on your front yard for convenience’s sake. There are a few laws surrounding parking pads but AHS will ensure that every precaution is taken so you have a safe, legal, and high-quality parking pad. Front yard parking pads can be installed with permeable paving types so you are not hurting the environment and you can still have the convenience of having an extra driveway. Some of the permeable paving types you can use for front yard parking pads are porous turf and asphalt, plastic grids, resin bound paving, single-sized aggregate and permeable concrete or brick pavers.

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