What is a Permeable Driveway?
permeable driveway

Concrete is seen as the standard for homes. Patios, steps, walkways and especially driveways are mainly constructed using concrete. While concrete is strong and will last for some time, there are many flaws that accompany it. One of the biggest being concrete’s inability to allow water to soak back into the ground which can cause flooding and major problems for the environment. 

Permeable driveways allow water to flow through its surface, rather than accumulate on top of it. This means that there is no need for storm-drains since the open spaces between the material create the same effect.  

The following are reasons why permeable driveways a great option to implement. 

How Permeable Pavement is Installed

When installing permeable pavement, the ground mustn’t have any vegetation and has to be graded. Similar to concrete and asphalt, there is a layer of rock installed as a base. The grids are then laid out and trimmed to avoid any obstructions. These grids are the size of a pallet that you would find in a warehouse but are light enough to be carried around by a single person, making installation times much shorter. After all of the grins are put in place and locked together, they are filled with gravel and compacted into a durable surface that is incredibly strong. Because the grids used are so strong, heavy equipment can be used to pour, spread and compact the material being used to fill the grids with precision. After they are filled, the surface is strong enough to hold any type of vehicle or equipment. 

Benefits of Permeable Driveways

There are numerous environmental and aesthetic advantages attached to the installation of permeable driveways. Some of the benefits being: 

Aesthetics - They are beautiful with many different options to create rustic or modern looks that will improve your home’s curb appeal without harming the environment. 

Cost-Effective - The installation and labour costs that are attached to concrete and asphalt make it a rather expensive option. Permeable pavement costs less per square foot and requires much less labour to install making it a much more cost-effective option. 

Easy Installation - Unlike concrete and asphalt, permeable pavement does not require specialized equipment for installation, which reduces installation costs further. 

Eco-Friendly - Permeable pavement allows water to get into the ground to nourish plants and trees. When water seeps into the gravel base beneath the driveway, the cracks in the driveway or pavement act as a filtration system that reduces pollutants. Hence, the water that seeps into the ground is cleaner and without debris, making it environment-friendly.  

Durable - They are resistant and can take a lot of traffic without much wear and tear. Many commercial spaces use permeable pavement in their driveways as it is incredibly durable. 

Drains Easily  - Due to the porous nature of permeable driveways, you won’t get large puddles of water that form throughout your driveway on rainy days or form a mini ice skating rink during the winter! This is because tiny crevices are made during installation to allow water to freely travel through the driveway which prevents flooding and pooling of water. 

Reduces Heat Island - Concrete can produce an effect called ‘heat island’. Heat islands are when a surface absorbs heat and increases temperatures. Because permeable driveways allow the soil underneath the driveway to breathe, the heat island effect is significantly reduced.

Produced with Natural Materials - The permeable pavement used in the driveways is produced using natural and recycled materials. This makes the material sustainable and better for the environment. 

Erosion Control - Permeable driveways can be used to both retain soil and prevent soil erosion during the rainy periods. 

No Need for Drainage Systems - Storm drains must be installed in concrete and asphalt to prevent flooding and help water control which can add to the installation costs. Permeable driveways allow water to drain through the surface and into the ground, so drainage systems are unnecessary, thus saving additional costs.

permeable driveway

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that accompany permeable driveways. They are great for the environment and could save you thousands of dollars if a flood were to make its way to your home. 

If you are thinking about installing a permeable driveway on your property, Action Home Services offers quality permeable pavement installation.  

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