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Action Home Services are experienced drainage contractors serving Toronto and the GTA. Whether you are interested in installing French drain to assist with poor backyard drainage, a new commercial storm drain to prevent parking lot flooding or maybe you are experiencing issues with your current drainage system. The team at AHS can assist with proffessional drain installation and repair services.

Why Choose Us for Your Drainage Services

Action Home Services is an experienced drainage contractor serving Toronto and the GTA. Whether you are interested in backyard drainage solutions, commercial drainage systems or driveway channel drains, AHS is one of the best drainage installers in the area. Our team have experience installing a wide range of drainage systems, including French drains, storm drains, catch basins, trench drains and more! We will work with you to identify the best drainage solution for your home or commercial property, ensuring that your property is protected from future floods.

As award-winning landscapers, we understand the importance of effective flood prevention, which is why we’ve earned a reputation as one of Toronto’s best contractors. We offer a range of drainage solutions, from installing new drain systems to land grading and reshaping the land to prevent water pooling and potential flooding. Contact AHS today to schedule your FREE at-home quote. Our drainage contractors will assess the area firsthand and provide recommendations for long-term flood prevention strategies tailored to your property.

Check out our reviews on Google, HomeStars and other trusted platforms to see how our team consistently exceeds our client’s expectations through effective drainage solutions.

When you work with AHS you can expect:

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    Experienced Drainage Contractors in Toronto & the GTA

    We are an experienced drainage contractor, proudly serving Toronto and the GTA. Never experience flooding again with the help of the team at AHS!

    Certified Professionals

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    land grading services for improved drainage

    Professional Land & Yard Grading Services

    Land grading involves adjusting the slope of your land to control water flow, directing it away from your property. During the land grading process, our experienced drainage contractors use specialized equipment to reshape and level the ground surface to establish the optimal slope for efficient water drainage. This typically involves creating a downward slope away from buildings, with a minimum gradient of one inch per foot. Benefits of yard grading include:

    • Improved Drainage: By reshaping the land surface & ensuring rainwater flows away from your property, you reduce the risk of erosion, soil saturation & potential water damage.
    • Prevents Soil Erosion: By redistributing soil and controlling runoff, grading helps prevent soil erosion, protecting your property’s integrity
    • Facilitates Construction: A properly graded site provides a stable base for construction projects, ensuring smooth progress and minimizing issues during building.
    install new french drain

    French Drain Installation Services

    French drain systems are designed to redirect water away from areas prone to water accumulation or flooding, such as foundations, basements, and low-lying areas. French drains work by digging a trench, laying a perforated pipe inside it, covering it with gravel, adding a special fabric, and then filling the trench back up. This setup helps the drain gather extra water and move it away from your property.

    Installed beneath the ground’s surface, French drains are invisible once in place, making them a discreet yet highly effective solution for managing water runoff. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, French drain installation services offer peace of mind by protecting your property from water damage and preserving its structural integrity. Trust our experienced drainage contractors to assess your property’s drainage needs and provide expert installation of French drain systems tailored to you.

    install new trench drain

    Trench Drain Installation Services

    Trench drainage systems consist of elongated channels covered with grates, strategically placed just below the ground surface. Trench drains are commonly used across various residential and commercial settings, including warehouses, parking lots, roadways, driveways, decks, patios and more.

    These drains play a crucial role in preventing water-related damage and ensuring safety by redirecting surface water away from targeted areas. Trench drainage systems come in various styles and materials, providing versatile solutions to meet the specific needs of different environments. Whether it’s managing excess rainwater, controlling flooding, or preventing water damage, installing trench drains offers reliable water management solutions.

    install new storm drain

    Storm Drain Installation Services

    A storm drain, also known as a storm sewer or stormwater drain, is a system of channels or pipes designed to carry rainwater away from properties and streets. These drains play a important role in preventing water backup, flooding of neighborhoods, and damage to buildings and vehicles.

    Installing storm drains is particularly important in areas prone to heavy rainfall or where inadequate drainage systems exist. They are typically installed on along streets to channel rainwater and on private properties to collect water from storm gutters. Our drainage contractors will assess the property to determine the optimal design and placement of new storm drains.

    install new catch basin

    Catch Basin Installation Services

    A catch basin is an underground masonry box or basin strategically placed at low points on a property. It serves as an important component of landscape drainage systems, effectively capturing water runoff and preventing downstream pipes from clogging. Typically, a grate on top of the basin allows water to enter, while the drainage pipe connected to the basin slopes away from buildings or homes.

    Catch basins effectively manage water runoff from roofs, lawns, and gutters, ensuring proper drainage and preventing soil erosion. Installing catch basins around your property helps protect foundations, driveways, and landscaping features from water damage. In commercial settings, catch basins are installed in parking lots, warehouses, and business complexes to manage stormwater runoff and maintain safe environments.

    What Our Clients Have to Say

    "AHS did a fantastic job on our new driveway and walkway and stairs. I would highly recommend AHS for driveway and walkway removal and replacement with interlocking stone." - Derrick


    "Such a GREAT experience! Always punctual, very professional with no hassles, and extremely dedicated to what they do. The work they did is just flawless. I only expected durable results but these guys exceeded any possible expectations a client could have." - Daria


    "The work was performed quickly and professionally. The work was delayed due to weather conditions but I was kept informed of the anticipated start time. All staff members were extremely polite and respectful. The whole project was stress free which I appreciated." - Ann


    "Amazing job and craftsmanship. These guys are like artists to the job they perform. I am very happy and glad I chose them for the job. Excellent customer service as well, they take service very seriously and do not disappoint. Simply, amazing." - Andres


    "We had our asphalt driveway removed and an interlocking one installed by AHS. We are very pleased with the whole process. The communication was clear. All our questions were addressed in a timely manner. We LOVE our new driveway!" - Gary


    "Me and my wife hired Action Home Services to install pavers at our backyard. John and his team were very professional and did a great job. Will recommend to anyone!" - Artem

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