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Action Home Services offers door cut outs, basement walkouts and separate entrance excavations. Our team of contractors is experienced in a wide range of wall cut out services, including entry door cut outs, side door cut outs, patio door cut outs and more! If you need to create a separate entrance on your property, call AHS for your FREE quote!

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At Action Home Services, we specialize in professional door cutout and basement walkout services, drawing from over 20+ years of experience in providing wall cutout solutions. Our team of contractors possesses the necessary training and equipment to execute precise cutouts, ensuring readiness for subsequent installation stages.

If you’re considering converting your single entry door into a double, our entry door cutout services are here to help. We can enlarge the existing door cutout to perfectly match the size of your new door. Additionally, if you’re planning to install a new patio door, our patio door cutout services are designed to enhance your property without compromising its structure. Regardless of the type of door cutout you require, we have the team, equipment and skills to complete the job!

For basement renovations, regardless of the intended purpose, they often necessitate a basement walkout. For basement apartments, it is crucial to facilitate access to and from their basement apartments without disrupting their daily lives. Our custom basement walkout service takes into account your unique property and surrounding landscape. We collaborate with you to design the perfect basement entrance that seamlessly integrates with your landscape and adds value to your home.

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Door Cut Out Services & Basement Walkout Contractors You Can Trust

Ensuring that you hire the best contractors for cut out additions for doors and basement walkout services is so important. These services involve cutting into the structure of your property, making it absolutely essential to take accurate measurements and complete the work with utmost care and attention. Neglecting the accuracy of these tasks may lead to a door cutout or basement walkout that is unsuitable for its intended purpose, resulting in additional work to rectify the issue. When you choose to work with Action Home Services, you can trust that we will treat your property as if it were our own. We take all necessary steps and carefully plan for accurate door cutouts and basement walkouts, ensuring the success of your project.

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Accurate Door Cut Out Services

Converting windows into patio doors, enlarging entry doors, and creating new side doors are growing in popularity throughout Ontario. These door cut out services increase the natural light in your home, offer convenient access for all the residents, and allow for architectural changes to suit your style. AHS offers the best door cut out services throughout Ontario, you can trust that will take the necessary steps to protect the integrity of your property and prepare the area for the next stages of installation. Door cut out services we offer include:

  • Entry door cut outs & enlargements
  • Patio door cut out & enlargements
  • Side door cut out & enlargements
  • & more!

If you need a cut out for a door, we can do it for you!

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Professional Basement Walkout Services

Whether you intend to repurpose your basement as a separate rental unit, accommodate additional family members, or create more recreational space, a walkout entrance offers enhanced usability and versatility. Beyond its practical benefits, it elevates livability, providing a comfortable living environment with ample natural light and ventilation, transforming your basement into a desirable and inviting area of your home.

At AHS, we stand out as the best basement walkout contractors in Toronto and the GTA. With our extensive experience, we build customized installation plans that integrate with your landscape, ensuring a basement entrance that harmonizes perfectly with your property. By increasing the market value of your home and enhancing its overall appeal, this service will attract potential buyers and elevate resale value, making your investment in a basement walkout a wise and rewarding choice.

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If you are ready to begin your door cut out or basement walkout service, contact us today to start the process! Click the link below to fill out our contact form and provide us with information for your desired project. We will get back to you with your free, no-obligation quote.

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