Wooden Retaining Wall

Wooden retaining walls offer superior protection and durability, serving as a reliable barrier for your property. Their organic composition and robust design enable easy stacking, ensuring optimal height and stability.

Why Choose Us To Install Your Wooden Retaining Wall?

Our wooden retaining walls are of the highest quality and provide superior stability and strength. You can rely on our experienced team to craft a design that perfectly fits your property.

As part of the construction process, we use high-quality materials and take extra care. Any questions you might have will be answered by a knowledgeable staff member who will guide you through the process from start to finish. When it comes to building a wooden retaining wall, Action Home Services is the best choice for our unbeatable combination of top-of-the-line service, competitive pricing, and superior craftsmanship.

  • Free in-home estimate
  • In-house designer to help bring your ideas to life
  • Experienced retaining wall professionals
  • Affordable rates for your project
  • Limited warranty on labor (5 years)

Wooden Retaining Walls

For the look that will never go out of style!

wood retaining wall

Wooden Retaining Wall Benefits

Wooden retaining walls have a beautiful, natural charm that will never go out of style. they are perfect for providing a natural and earthy aesthetic, especially when used for flowerbeds and gardens.

Wood is also a more affordable material choice. It is highly customizable and can be painted and stained to match your desired look. Though they may not be as durable as other materials, they can still last you up to 20 years if maintained properly.

For affordable, easy-to-build retaining wall solution, wooden retaining walls may be your best bet!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative uses for wooden retaining walls in landscaping?

Wooden retaining walls can be used to create terraced gardens, define outdoor living spaces, or provide structural support in sloped areas.

Are there any safety considerations when building wooden structures?

Yes, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and building codes to ensure structural integrity and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.

Can wooden structures be integrated with other landscaping features?

Yes, wooden structures can be seamlessly integrated with features such as gardens, water features, pathways, and outdoor lighting to create a cohesive landscape design.

Whats the size of a typical Post?

Post that we use on pergola and gazebo are standard 6×6 in pressure treated. As code, they will go into the ground 4’ft deep below the surface, or they would be installed on some sort of ankoring system, be it a helical pile or a concrete sonotube that is 4’ft deep with a saddle footing

What is a Beam?

A pergola or gazebo beam is critical structural element in the structure. It isa part that is placed on top of the columns. it sits just below the joist , or some call them rafters

What is a joist?

Joists are teh horizontal structure elemen that goes between the beam. This forms the structural support for the floor above if there is one, or it is to used as shading materails for a pergoal settling. They are often 16″ on center

What are slats on a pergola?

Slats are the smallest wood component on the pergola’s roof envelope. They are often used as decorative purposes or for shading purposes. they are often 1×1 smaller wood that are placed at the very top of the roof structure as the final touch

Why can't I stain my pergola / gazebo as soon as it is build?

Typically wood that are purchased at a big box store are wet to the touch. This is becuse there is a legal code in terms of the moisture content of a lumber when purchased. Due to this, the wood has to be air cured after installed for up to a year before stain or vernish can be applied for an even long lasting code

How often do I have to stain or paint?

Typically every 2 to 3 years. Some home owner wants that prestine look,then every year perhaps.

Can I turn a pergola into a gazebo?

Certainly. Though it is a far and wide question. In theory pergola by our standard is the base structure as a Gazebo, so our’s can be added to become gazebo. However if the existing pergola is an older one that has a skinner post such as 4×4, we would highly advice not to in that case

What is the top roofing material for Gazebo?

Typically Shingles as they look the best, and function as strong as the one on top of your house. But some gazebo are still done in a torch down membrane, which is a rubber rolled out sheet that is heated. Though they are not as appeal as shingles one

Is it safe to have plants to climb on my wooden structure?

Absolutely! Most wooden structure are made out of pressure treated wood. So they are bug resistent, making it safe for plants to climb on top without having to rot the wood. Though be careful when removing your plants during the maintenance season, don’t yank on the plants as you may potentially pull off wood materials off along with it.

What kind of lighting can I add onto my wood structure?

If you have a pergola, the most popular option is the up and down post light. And everyone’s favourite, the bistrol lighting on top! It is charming!. For gazebo, you can have options for potlights now!