Oshawa Interlocking Services

Action Home Services offers professional and reliable interlocking services. With a variety of textures and colors to choose from, we will design the perfect project just for you. With years of experience in building beautiful interlocked spaces, our experienced contractors are ready to serve the residents of Oshawa

Driveway Interlocking in Oshawa

Interlocking is a fantastic method to increase the curb appeal of your property while also providing beauty and value. We can personalize your interlocking design to fit your own style and preference using a variety of colors and shapes. We don’t only provide Іnterlocking, we also provide professional Landscaping services, such as Pressure Washing, Asphalt Sealing, Decks and more to homeowners in Oshawa.

Interlocking pavers are highly durable and low-maintenance. The pavers are designed to withstand external aggressors like as hot weather, snow, and rain. The driveway is an area that sees a lot of traffic, interlocking pavers are the perfect material to keep up! We also seal the driveway to provide maximum stain and moisture resistance. We source our supplies from reputable manufacturers only in order to provide only the highest quality of service.

Why choose to interlock your driveway?

  • Highly Durable – Can last up to 30 years after installation.
  • Easy Maintenance – Interlocking pavers require very little effort to clean, needing only a sweeping and rinsing from time to time.
  • Customizable – Choose from an array of different stones or mix and match to create unique modular or linear patterns.
  • Enhances Curb Appeal – Design possibilities are endless! You can create unique designs that fit your home’s aesthetic and makes it look well maintained.
  • Easy Repairs – Any cracks or damage can easily be repaired since each paver can be individually be replaced.
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Backyard Interlocking in Oshawa

Interlocking is a great choice for your next backyard project because it can provide a clean and finished look to your yard that is easy to maintain. It also helps to prevent weeds and other unwanted growth from taking over your yard. It creates a durable surface that will last for years to come. Plus, because they’re made from concrete or stone, they’re very durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Interlocking pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, our interlocking contractors can work with you to create a design that fits your needs and style. They can be used to create everything from a simple patio to a complex outdoor living space with a built-in fireplace or barbeque.

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Interlocking for Patio, Porch, Walkway

Interlocking pavers are a fantastic option for patios, porches, and pathways. They’re built to endure and can withstand both significant weight and temperature fluctuations, they are great for Canadian winters. Interlocking’s flexibility allows you to create designs according to your own style and preferences.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a plan that is affordable and customized to fit your needs! Add functionality such as efficient drainage and lighting to your outdoor space through interlocking. With our team of experts, we guarantee that your interlocking project will go smoothly!

Interlocking Steps Oshawa

Interlocking Steps in Oshawa

Interlocking steps are a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home. Action Home Services has a wide variety of interlocking step options to choose from, and our experienced team can help you select the perfect style for your home.

We provide custom design solutions for those looking for interlocking steps in Toronto and the GTA. We know that every contract we take on is different and that each one needs special care to meet the vision of our clients. With professional designers and extensive knowledge in the field of interlocking, AHS can bring your dream home exterior to life with interlocking steps.

Flagstone Interlocking Oshawa

Flagstone Interlocking in Oshawa

Flagstone interlocking is another great option for adding curb appeal to your home. Flagstone is a natural stone that comes in a variety of colours and textures. It can be used to create a path, patio, or walkway.

Depending on the specific needs of the customer and other factors, Action Home Services will find the best method of installation of the flagstone. The flagstone or natural stone may be installed on top of the screening or concrete base. In both situations, the sub-base has to be prepared in a similar way as preparing the base for the interlocking pavers.

Retaining Walls Oshawa

Retaining Walls in Oshawa

Retaining walls can be used to create dramatic visual interest, define garden spaces, and improve drainage. Not only do they look great, but they also require little maintenance. So if you’re looking for a way to improve the curb appeal of your home, a retaining wall is a great place to start!

The retaining walls can be constructed in four different ways: gravity wall, piling wall, cantilever wall, and anchored wall. The most popular methods of building retaining walls in landscaping are gravity retaining walls and cantilever retaining walls.

Interlock Repair Oshawa

Interlock Repair in Oshawa

Interlock Repair can bring life back into your property. Interlocking stone is expensive, and replacing these stones can seriously break the bank. That’s why the best option is to have these stones replaced. We can repair interlock on most major areas of your home such as the patio, steps, retaining walls, pathways, and more.

From natural stone to flagstone, we can repair all types of interlock and restore the beauty of your property once more. Contact Action Home Services to revitalize your interlock stone by repairing it today!

Pool Interlocking Oshawa

Pool Interlocking in Oshawa

Pool interlocking is a great way to add value to your home while also increasing its curb appeal. Action Home Services offers a wide range of pool interlocking services for residents in the GTA. We can help you choose the right materials and design for your space, and our experienced team will ensure that the job is done quickly and efficiently.

Take advantage of your pool area by surrounding it with a beautiful, smooth, interlock. At AHS we are experts in all types of interlocking and can design your pool area to be amazing. Pool interlocking is a great investment that will pay off for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started on your project.

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Clients' Testimonials from Oshawa

This is my 2nd time using Action Home Services. They landscaped our front yard last year and we got them back this year to do the backyard. I found their pricing to be fair and the quality and management of the work to be excellent. Would certainly use them again or recommend them to anyone looking for a good landscaper.



Hired Action Home Services to power wash, clean and seal our older interlock (driveway, walkways and back yard patios). Eugene was quick to respond, quote and resolve an issue we had afterwards. Quality was really good for an older interlock and they showed up when they said they would. Job was completed on time, Dmitry oversaw the work and he was very pleasant to deal with and communicated well with the workers to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. Wish we had the workers names (that were all hard working and amazing). Would highly recommend this company. Thanks again

-David Blades


Great company! Took care of everything that was involved in to the project. Fast and clean. Constantine and his team were very nice to us and answered all questions that we had about the project. I recommend Action home services if you are looking for worry free project to be done at the highest possible quality.

-Ross K.

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Trusted Interlocking Company in Oshawa

AHS is a full-service interlocking and landscaping company providing design, installation, and maintenance services for interlocking and more in Oshawa. 

With years of experience in interlock, our contractors can help create a design that captures your style and vision. We can help you with professional landscaping, backyard interlocking, driveway interlocking, patio interlocking, porch interlocking and walkway interlocking .

We also provide pressure washing services for any type of surface on your property.

We believe that good landscaping makes a property look neat and well maintained. This is why we are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that we are giving them exactly what they want and need. If you are in need of some expert interlocking services for your Oshawa property, give us a call today!

Interlocking Services in Oshawa and Surrounding Area