Landscaping Toronto: Cool Features For Your Home
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When people think about landscaping, the first thing that comes to mind is their yard. It’s only natural when landscaping is defined as a process that helps to make a yard or some piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design.

While you can most certainly switch it up or create new aesthetics for your yard, landscaping Toronto encompasses so much more than just that. 

In fact, apart from trimming hedges, planting trees and cutting the grass - landscaping allows you to upgrade your home, and its value, in numerous ways. Take our previous projects for example, and see what can be achieved with the right team.


Backyard Basketball Court 


Our first example displays a stunning basketball court feature that was the result of our expert team. In addition to beautifying their outdoor space with a new deck and built-in hot tub, this North York homeowner wanted to add a basketball court in their backyard. Image depicts a backyard with basketball court

Beyond adding a concrete base for the court, additional lights were included in the setup to allow their kids to play a game at night. Not only does this basketball court end up being an interesting focal point in this backyard, it perfectly compliments the newly fenced composite deck (which is where spectators can gather to watch a good game of basketball).

All areas of the backyard act like their own personal space while seamlessly working together to create a jaw-dropping environment. So if you thought you couldn’t have it all in one yard, we want you to know that you absolutely can.




Our second example is this beautiful waterfall design we came up with for a Scarborough home. The client had the idea for the waterfall and required the expertise of a professional company to help bring their vision to life. 

Image shows a stone waterfall designed by AHS

Upon understanding and making a note of the desired dimensions, we were able to customize a design that matched the design of the home. This created an effortless fluidity between the architecture of the house and that of the waterfall. Furthermore, to really complete the look, lights and a pond were added to the design. The waterfall really tied things together and completely enhanced the client’s home.  


Interlocking & Lighting


This example was actually one of our favourites. A Markham homeowner wanted to completely transform their backyard with interlocking and lighting - and the end-results were absolutely stunning. 

backyard lighting toronto and the gta

By adding interlocking pavers throughout, along with patio slabs and natural stone steps, we were able to create enough variety and add dimension. By adding retaining walls, we elevated the look entirely, but it wasn’t until the newly installed interlocking walkway (as well as certain pavers) were adorned with lights that everything truly felt complete. The flower bed and planting around the new patio added to the charm of the space. 


Front Yard Pergola 


Another excellent feature to include in your Toronto home is a beautiful front yard pergola. Since the home was located at a busy intersection in Toronto, the main goal was to improve the landscaping of the space - not necessarily transform it. 

pergola east york

However, after maneuvering through certain difficulties like location and uneven grading, our team was able to deliver results that left these homeowners fully satisfied. Concrete demolition was the first step of the process, after which interlocking of both the driveway and walkway was possible. 

Beyond the bare necessities, a flagstone porsche and retaining walls were added to create some depth, while incorporating flower beds and of course the stunning pergola really helped complete the look. 


Pool Cabana


The last example is a fantastic addition to any backyard given you have the space to add certain elements. It is also important to note that this feature is perfect for those who love to host pool parties. 

Not only can you easily increase the value of your home, but you can also entertain loved ones. This Kleinburg homeowner wanted a total backyard renovation - which included an interlocking backyard pool. In order to give them something worthwhile, our team took their backyard (which was completely unfinished) and brought their vision to life from scratch. 

backyard gazebo

Everything down to the last detail was done in a manner that accommodates the homeowner’s preferences and style. After excavating and prepping the work site, along with grading and leveling the area, the pool interlocking was then added. Several other elements like an interlock patio, and river rocks were added to the mix to improve aesthetics. A lot of work was done here, but the final results were well worth the effort (with that pergola serving as the show-stopper).


All in all, every home we serviced was improved from an exterior design perspective. Not only did we help increase the value of these homes, we were also able to provide the homeowners with beautiful and unique features that they could enjoy for years to come. 

So if you have ideas or simply want to incorporate cool  features around your Toronto home, don’t hesitate to give our certified landscaping Toronto professionals at Action Home Services a call at (647) 937-1023. Specializing in a wide range of services, we provide free in-home estimates so you have nothing to lose. Reap the benefits of unique landscaping features in your home today!