Can I Install A Deck On My Condo Balcony?

The ability to install a deck on your condo balcony depends on several factors, including local building codes, condo association rules, and the structural capacity of your balcony. Here are some considerations: Condo Association Rules: Condo associations typically have rules and guidelines regarding modifications to individual units, including balconies. Check with your condo association to […]

Do You Need A Permit To Build A New Deck?

Building a new deck is an exciting endeavour that can transform your outdoor space, providing a space for entertainment, and relaxation, while enhancing your home’s appeal. However, amongst the planning and envisioning, there’s an important aspect that homeowners must not overlook – obtaining the necessary decking permits. While many factors influence the deck construction process, […]

Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Your New Deck

Building a new deck at your residence is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, offering versatile opportunities for entertainment, dining, relaxation, and enhancing the overall appeal of your home. However, the cost of building a deck can vary due to several factors that influence pricing. Understanding these factors is crucial to making informed decisions […]

What Is The Best Type Of Wood For Your New Deck?

When envisioning the perfect outdoor deck for your home, choosing the right type of wood is crucial. Twp popular choices in Canada often stand out in the realm of wooden decks, pressure-treated wood and cedar. Each comes with its own set of unique properties, benefits, and limitations that cater to various preferences and considerations. Learn […]

Get To Know The Warning Signs Of An Unsafe Deck!

Home decks are the perfect place to sit and relax, and entertain guests. With time, decks age due to general wear and tear and external factors like weather damage. If left unattended, the structure of your deck will deteriorate. At least once a year, you should have deck builders in Toronto take a look at […]

Why Choose Composite Decking For Your New Deck Project?

Designing a new deck project requires a lot of thinking. Apart from the time and effort you must put into it, you also need to carefully plan what you want. It involves your colour preferences and the texture you want out of it. You should make it a point too that the colour complements what […]

Tips To Ensure Your Deck Stays Durable

Decks provide extra space in your home, which can be used for fun activities such as holding outdoor parties or simply relaxing after a hectic day. When thinking of installing one in your current home, the planning process should put into consideration many factors so that you can end up with a deck which is […]