Common Mistakes to Avoid When Laying Flagstone Patios
natural stone flagstone porch

Flagstone patios are a common addition in many homes, mostly owing to the fact that not only are they long lasting, but also easy to clean and incredibly durable among other benefits. However, the only way to benefit from them is to make sure that they are installed in the correct manner. It’s very easy to install flagstone patios with mistakes, and this needs to be avoided to reduce the risk of wasting time and money whether it’s done as a DIY or when you use a contractor. Fortunately, there are many known issues which could reduce the lifespan of patios, and simply avoiding them during construction can help you

Choosing the patio size

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One of the commonest mistakes that people make when using flagstone to make patios is to choose the wrong patio size. Try to always take your time to figure out how much space the patio will occupy, which mainly depends on the reason why you need it. Some of the things you can use to estimate the size of the patio include the number of tables and chairs you will need to fit in it as well as the number of people who will use it.

Also, consider how much free space you will require for the patio. Consulting your contractor about flagstone placement is essential, since they can use their experience to help you figure out how much space you need. What you don’t want is to spend a lot of money on a patio that is far too large for your needs, or one that is too small.

Patio grading 

Patio grading refers to the way the patio differs from the surrounding earth. For the best results, the patio needs to be slightly elevated compared to the surrounding earth. In addition to that, it has to be at a gentle slope to reduce the risk of water accumulating on some areas of the patio, resulting in cracking if the water is left there for a long time.

Most people don’t pay much attention to this, and the end result is always higher maintenance costs as well as a higher likelihood that you will need to do major repairs within a few years of having laid the flagstone.

A poor flagstone base 

When laying down flagstone, the base on which the stones will sit is very important in determining various aspects of the flagstone including its longevity and beauty. A mistake that you might find is people not preparing the flagstone base, and in the end put the flagstones on earth that is far too soft.

The result is that some areas of the flagstone will sink or spread in different directions, making for an uneven-looking aesthetic. During the installation process, make sure that your contractor first compacts the base of the areas in which the flagstone will be placed. Of course, if your contractor is of high quality, this is something that you will not even need to tell them about.

Doing DIY flagstone placement with limited knowledge 

During tight economic times, many people try to do home improvement on their own. This might seem less expensive compared to renting a contractor to do the work. However, you need to remember that for this to be effective, you will need to have extensive knowledge regarding flagstone placement. One way to solve this issue is to remember that when you use a professional to install the flagstones, you will spend a lot less money in the long run doing maintenance and repair. Spending just a little more on a professional is actually the cheaper way to install flagstones, since it cuts down on the cost of repairs and maintenance.