Pool Experts: 10 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid
pool experts 10 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid1

Not all pool owners are experts when it comes to maintaining their pools and that's ok! If you're one of these people, then take a look at the 10 points below to make sure that you're not making any common mistakes with your own personal pool. We'll walk through 10 important steps toward keeping your pool clean, healthy, and inviting while avoiding costly repairs. As experienced professional pool builders, we know the importance of regular maintenance on all parts of the pool from pumps to filters. Join us in learning how to get the most out of your pool - without falling victim to poor maintenance practices!

    • Putting chlorine chemicals in the skimmer basket.
    • Manually vacuuming the pool without turning off the pool heater first.
    • Adding chemicals to the pool without testing water chemistry.
    • Lack of understanding nuances of pool chemistry and how different water paraments affect each other.
    • Neglecting the landscaping around the pool.
    • Shocking the pool during the day instead of at night.
    • Improperly shocking your pool.
    • Forgetting to brush the hard-to-reach areas of your pool.
    • Vacuuming the pool with a vacuum hose attached straight to the suction port at the bottom of the skimmer.
    • Neglecting cleaning and maintenance of filters, skimmers, pool floor and walls.

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