The Future of Outdoor Living
The future of outdoor living

With many great innovative products getting thrown at us on a daily basis, almost as if they are trying to test everything out and hope something will stick! What are the tried and true products that you should be keeping your eyes on for the upcoming future trends??

Here are a few tried and true components for your future landscape renovation that will forever wow you!

Personalized Pool

Personal pools have been around since as far as the Roman period, and they are getting more and more exciting! Many new features such as a stepping stone on your pool, a sunken seating area with a fireplace inside, or even having a dining space RIGHT INSIDE YOUR POOL. Many cool things are coming up!

Diving into the trend of personalized pools is like taking a plunge into a world where your aquatic dreams come true! Imagine a pool that mirrors your style – whether it's a sleek infinity edge for the modern enthusiast or a tropical oasis with lush greenery for the nature lover. It's not just about swimming; it's about making a splash with your unique flair. From custom shapes to dazzling lighting schemes, a personalized pool transforms your backyard into a watery wonderland that's as cool as it is uniquely you!

Be sure to look out for some wicked water features while at it!

Personalized pool
Colored fountain

Smart Products

Who doesn’t love automation?? A click on your phone, and your world lights up! For the upcoming 2024, we will surely see more integrating innovative technologies into outdoor spaces! It changes how we interact with our surroundings, how we can connect with more people while being in nature, and ultimately saves us a lot of time.

Automated irrigation system is already a huge part of our everyday lives, now with it being more seamlessly integrated with weather app and other network, it can be more precise with watering time. This is a game changer for those who are replacing their cedars every year!

Automated irrigation system

Outdoor lighting Controls that allows you to create customized lighting schemes for your outdoor space. It is a fingertip away from a soft cozy patio space to a full-blown dance floor. Add in those sound systems and you got yourself a party space at your backdoor! (please be considerate of your neighbor, invite them over!)

Voice Activation is becoming a huge thing! And pairing that up with how AI systems are becoming our everyday live, it makes all the systems above way more accessible as these new innovations remove many barriers. Even my 85 years old grandmother is rocking her new iPad!

Multi-functional Outdoor Rooms

Buying a million-dollar house now a day is just not what it used to be. We’d be lucky to get to invest in a beautiful modest townhouse. So every square inch counts for many people!

Products are always popping up, but spaces to house these often run out. So the trend of 2024 would for sure be products that allow the transformation of one space to the next. Commonly done is turning the patio area into a dining area using folding furniture!

Outdoor Kitchen: This trend has always been and will forever be the strongest trend of all time. With many newer features for built-in appliances, pizza ovens, refrigerators, and new ways to add more counter space, cooking will become easier and cooler as products develop! An outdoor kitchen extends the joys of cooking beyond the confines of indoor spaces, fostering a seamless blend of culinary prowess and nature's embrace. Now if only it could cook me a steak…Medium rare, please.

Multi functional outdoor room

Outdoor offices: Many Cabanas or sheds are now doubling down as outdoor offices. We see a huge movement of this during the start of COVID, and people are loving their new work space! The outdoor office is sprouting as a refreshing trend, offering a breath of fresh air to the conventional 9-to-5 routine. In a world where Zoom fatigue and fluorescent lights dominate, the allure of working alfresco lies in the freedom it brings. Picture this: laptops under the shade of swaying trees, meetings accompanied by the gentle hum of nature, and brainstorming sessions conducted with a side of sunshine. It's not just about escaping the monotony of four walls; it's a nod to productivity inspired by the great outdoors. With the blend of technology and nature, the outdoor office isn't just a workspace; it's a mindset – a recognition that creativity can flourish where the wind carries whispers of possibility and the sky is the limit.

Outdoor office

Fire Features: It is as if there is a space race in the fire feature department! They are always trying to one up each other, and us as end-user LOVES this race! Fire features outdoors add a sizzling touch of magic, turning gatherings into cozy escapades and transforming chilly nights into warm, mesmerizing experiences. They're the charismatic centerpiece that beckons people to gather 'round, sparks conversations, and adds a dash of enchantment to starlit soirées. Whether it's a crackling bonfire or a stylish fire pit, these outdoor flames cast a spell of ambiance, making your backyard the hottest spot in town – both figuratively and literally!

So before you buy a new fire table, be sure to check out your nearest home show/convention, you might find something more spectacular there! Look out for these new and upcoming items! Fire Table, Fireplaces, Fire Bowls and Torches!

Fire features

Sustainable Landscaping Practices

Although this is not an actual product you can buy, rather, it is a feature that many new up-coming products are having it ‘build-in’. Sustainable landscaping involves environmentally conscious practices that minimize negative impacts on the ecosystem. It prioritizes water conservation, uses native plants, employs organic fertilizers, and embraces efficient irrigation systems. Additionally, sustainable landscaping promotes biodiversity, reduces reliance on harmful chemicals, and integrates renewable energy sources.

Items such as saving water, reducing indirect destruction to surrounding area, Solar power, more electricity power base product over gas, or even how they are being packaged; all leads to fundamentally the system as a whole uses less resources, thus saving money for the more ease of maintenance or lower operational costs.