Everything You Need to Know About Fiberglass Pools
fiberglass pool installation

When we meet with a potential pool-buying customer, we discuss their ideal outdoor lifestyle, the outdoor space they envision, and their budget. By understanding their goals and constraints, our team will design a custom outdoor space that fits their parameters. We don't come in with preconceived ideas. 

One of the three types of in-ground pools that may best suit a customer’s needs includes concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. One isn’t better than the other. They are just different. We base our recommendation on each customer’s unique situation and goals.

If budget is not an issue and the customer wants a pool having almost unlimited design-and-build flexibility, then a concrete pool is likely the best. If budget is a concern, a bare-bones vinyl pool will probably take the smallest investment. But, for most of our customers, we have seen time and again that a fiberglass pool offers the best value.

Fiberglass Pools

A fiberglass pool gets its name from the fiberglass shell used in its construction. The manufacturer observes strict quality standards in making the shell, and almost all companies include a warranty. A pool shell is created from a mould that reflects the size, shape, and features the customer has chosen. (E.g., a 32- by 14-foot fiberglass pool with built-in tanning ledge and spa, and full-width steps.)

Delivery is scheduled, so a crane is on-site to lift the pool into the prepared-to-size hole. After the pool, plumbing, and filtration systems are installed, the final touches for the pool are completed. (E.g., decorative waterline porcelain tile trim and the pool decking.

After this, the project continues until the outdoor space the customer has envisioned, as captured in the plans created by our designers, is completed. This includes all of the features called for in the design: the pool deck, an interlocking patio, outdoor lighting, landscaping, decking, outbuildings, etc. 

7 Reasons Customers Usually Choose Fiberglass Pools

  1. A fiberglass pool offers the best value over time. The installation is quicker. The pool shell comes with a warranty. And it has a long life span.
  2. Adding an elegant finished look to the pool can be done by finishing the top inner edge of its interior with decorative porcelain tiling of various colours and patterns. (Mostly in shades of blue.)
  3. A fiberglass pool has high tensile strength making it great for the GTA climate. It doesn’t crack in our freeze-thaw environment.
  4. A fiberglass pool never needs to have its liner replaced. Nor does it ever have to be replastered, re-surfaced, or re-painted.
  5. A fiberglass pool has a smooth finish, ideal for toddlers’ toes. 
  6. Fiberglass pool maintenance is less costly and onerous than for other pool types. Because a fiberglass pool’s surface is nonporous, it inhibits algae growth. Consequently, the maintenance routine will require fewer chemicals.
  7. There is a pool size for almost every backyard because fiberglass pools come in sizes ranging from 10 feet by 6 feet to 32 feet by 14 feet. But there could be a limitation depending on lot size and the zoning by-laws of the property’s municipality. For example, some municipalities specify that you must keep a portion of the backyard as soft landscaping. The City of Toronto zoning by-laws state

(3) Rear Yard Soft Landscaping for Residential Buildings Other Than an Apartment Building

In the Residential Zone category, a lot with a residential building, other than an apartment building, must have:

(A) a minimum of 50% of the rear yard for soft landscaping, if the lot frontage is greater than 6.0 metres; and

(B) a minimum of 25% of the rear yard for soft landscaping, if the lot frontage is 6.0 meters or less.

This may limit the size of the pool that can be specified for a given space.

Fiberglass Pool Design Options

Fiberglass pools have many design options and features to fit every lifestyle, from a young family with children to a couple who likes to entertain. E.g., a built-in tanning ledge, a built-in spa, and a selection of step/stairs choices. Once ordered, however, they can’t be changed because they are a part of the mould for your pool. 

When a customer buys a pool, they are buying the physical manifestation of the joy they envision as they lazily bask on the tanning ledge, read a book on the pool deck, or watch their children do cannonballs on a scorching summer afternoon. But, the experience of seeing that vision brought into reality can range from a nightmare to a pleasurable professional experience. 

For this reason, choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions a pool buyer can make. Be sure the pool contractor is licensed, insured, and has a contract with a reputable pool supplier. These are givens and are the price of entry for any contractor to be in the pool-installing business. 

But, to get the best pool and outdoor space (and reduce hassles and save money in the long run), choose a qualified design-and-build pool contractor who can do the job from start to finish. Choosing one company that will answer for the project, be responsible for open and honest communication, and ensure the project gets done on time and within budget, is your best choice if you want a seamlessly completed project.