How Does Sealcoating Benefit An Asphalt Pavement?
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A composite material, asphalt is commonly used to surface not just roads but airports, and parking lots as well. It is also used as the core for embankment dams. Asphalt looks very polished after laying them over a surface but through years of use, the pavement surface can actually look dreadful. The good news is it can be restored to make them look like new. Here is where the magic of sealcoating enters the scenario.

Sealcoating is comprised of a thin liquid layer which can be added on several types of paved surfaces, including asphalt pavements. It is done in order to protect the surface from the UV rays of the sun which can damage the pavement. It is also a perfect partner for damage protection against snow and rain as well as those fluids leaking from vehicles that pass by. Sealcoating may not be capable of reverting existing issues like cracks but it has the capability to prevent these damages from affecting the pavement. Learn more about how sealcoating benefits an asphalt pavement.

It extends the lifespan of the asphalt pavement

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Have you noticed that asphalt paving is done every now and then? This is because of the damages that exposure to dangerous elements can bring. If the asphalt pavement has undergone sealcoating, however, the need to add layers of asphalt to a pavement will no longer be as often as we see it happening. This can definitely lessen your expenses while helping the surface serve its purpose for a longer time than usual. Aside from being a protective layer to the asphalt pavement, sealcoating can help fill surface damage.

It can save you money

As mentioned, sealcoating has the ability to reduce the need to add layers of asphalt over a pavement. This translates to cost savings. Come to think of it, when an asphalt pavement is properly maintained and is sealed, it can definitely reduce long-term costs associated with the need to repair the pavement.

It enhances the appearance of asphalt

Imagine your skin being exposed to harmful elements. It can look dry and will age earlier than usual. This occurrence speeds up if you do not add any layer of protection to your skin. The same is true with an asphalt pavement. Once exposed to the elements, the appearance will fade over time. If sealcoat is used over it, on the other hand, the asphalt pavement will look like it is new.

It speeds up the melting process of ice and snow

This is especially true over pavement surfaces like those with asphalt on them. Alongside this, sealcoating is capable of protecting the surface against water penetration as well as frost, snow, and rain damage.

How to maximise the benefits of sealcoating over asphalt pavements

There is indeed a list of benefits of sealcoating over asphalt pavements like the ones mentioned above. In order to maximise results, however, it is important to bring a few tips to mind.

  • The sealcoating process must be properly completed by making sure that the pavement as well as the air temperature is no less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire duration of the application until eight hours after application is finished.
  • It is also important to clear the asphalt surface from dirt and debris. Potholes, cracks and all other minor repairs must be repaired by filling them. Vehicle fluids must also be removed from the surface.
  • Choose the appropriate sealcoating application method for you. Your choice includes using a spray or a squeegee.

Keep your asphalt pavement smooth, attractive, functional, and long-lasting by considering sealcoating. We offer driveway sealing in Vaughan for better-looking and durable paved driveways.