What Factors Into Driveway Sealing Price in Toronto?
Image depicts a sealed residential driveway.

If you have a driveway or parking lot made of asphalt, then you most likely chose that material because it is easy to install, is very durable, is relatively easy to maintain, and is fairly easy to repair if anything happens to your driveway.

Although asphalt is a dependable material, it will be negatively impacted by the elements and other external factors. Things like the weather and the weight of vehicles chip away at the strength and facade of an asphalt driveway. Snow, rain and the force of cars are all things that will lead to deterioration in the asphalt.

When the asphalt in residential or commercial driveways start to deteriorate, then you start to see cracks, potholes and unevenness to name a few. Whether you are a homeowner with a driveway or a business owner with a parking lot, you don’t want to see any blemishes on your asphalt driveway.

Image depicts a residential driveway that has been resealed by AHS.

Fortunately, there is a solution to correcting any visible signs of wear and tear on your driveway. Driveway sealing is a method for restoring driveways to their former perfection without having to replace the driveway. This service can be done for both residential driveway sealing and commercial driveway sealing. Is it also a great way to maintain an asphalt driveway. Though one question we get asked a lot is: what impacts the driveway sealing price in Toronto and the GTA? To help answer that question, we put together this helpful article with a list of the factors that will impact the price of your driveway sealing.

1. Products

Here at Action Home Services, we only use and oil-based sealer for all of our driveway sealing projects. That means that when you go with AHS for your driveway sealing, you won’t see the price change because of different sealer options.

Some companies will carry multiple types of sealer that will impact the price of driveway sealing. Some of these include Asphalt polymer emulsion, coal tar, acrylic, and fast-dry sealers. We keep it simple for the client by using one product that can reliably get the job done.

2. Tools

The driving sealing price can also be impacted by the number of tools used. For example, if you take the DIY approach, then you will have to pick up a water hose, mixing paddle, soap, pressure washer, oil spot primer, pressure washer nozzle, etc. We only need to bring our spray machine to complete the work.

3. Condition of Area

If your driveway or parking lot is in need of a deep clean, then that will impact the driveway sealing price. Things like leaves, rocks and other types of debris will add to the time it takes to complete driveway sealing. Our team will have to spend time cleaning up the workspace first before we start applying the sealing.

4. Size of the Area

What is the size of your driveway? Is it a one, two or three-car driveway? Depending on the size, the driveway sealing price will change. With more surface area to cover, the time it takes to seal a driveway goes up.

5. Area Accessibility

Sometimes, it is a little difficult to access a driveway or parking lot that requires sealing. This is particularly true of properties in the city. Labour costs of driveway sealing will go up if it is difficult for the driveway sealing company to get to the job site.

6. Number of Coats

Some companies may offer multiple coats for a driveway sealing, which can impact the price. That being said, most companies should be doing two coats by overhead. That means that there should not be a need for an extra coat.

7. Repair Work

If the driveway or parking lot is in need of some repairs, then the labour required to make the repairs will factor into the driveway sealing price. As we said, asphalt will deteriorate over time, which can lead to cracks and potholes. Here at AHS, we are happy to make any repairs that are necessary in order to apply driveway sealing.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered in the driveway sealing price in Toronto and the GTA. If you are thinking about getting your asphalt driveway sealed, then we encourage you to contact us at (647) 937-1023 to inquire about our commercial and residential driveway sealing services. You can also call us about any other landscaping question you may have.