Make a Splash: Why Water Features Are the Coolest Addition to Your Yard
Backyard water features

Yo, what's up, fellow trendsetters? Today, we're diving into one of the hottest backyard trends that's making a huge splash – water features! From chill backyard vibes to jaw-dropping curb appeal, adding a water feature to your outdoor space is like injecting instant style and value. Today, we will be going through a few ways to add these features!! Some from the straight up purchased at store, and some to pool size luxury add-ons!

Tips for Adding Water Features

The Pre-mades:

Did you know that many water feature can fit at the back of your car and be installed straight into your yard without anything but powering it on and add the water??

Many of these can be purchased from big box store, even places like Etsy are selling these now! But you really get what you paid for! So if you find a style that you like, we highly recommend you to get one from a better branded store! As many of these are pre-made, and of course, as inexpensive as possible, we want to ensure that there are as least hassle as possible.

Just remember, you have to service and maintain it! So get one of higher quality is always less expensive than the constant maintenance fee on a cheaper model.

Pre made water feature

The Build in:

Want something a little more permnemant, that stands out as a focal point? Or just one that can be incorporated into anything and everything?? Look into water weir, as well as water spout! These are cool little guys that can be seamless incorporated into your hardscape surface! Some people get really creative and add these inside their garden, and turn it into a mini rain forest oasis!

The trick about these is that you would need a water basin, essentially a place to hold the water, that cleans and filters it as it recirculate back up into the spout. All these are consider as a ‘closed loop’ system, so that the water, wiring, pump and such are all held within that small space. When it comes to building it, customization is limitless! So be sure to make it in the most efficient way as possible so that repairs down the line is as simple as possible.

Pro Tip: Bring your pump back indoors and do not leave it in the water over the winter! The winter chills will damage this pump really easily!

Build in water feature

The Feature!

Next is something a bit more substantial, and these are often used when someone wants to make a big impact on their landscape! These can range from anywhere from a full wall system, or a very tall rain curtain and such. So as mentioned above, similar water water can be used in many other application but scaled bigger. Remember that closed water system that I mentioned earlier? The ‘water basin’ is just anything that holds a body of water, so if you have a pond in the backyard, this is the perfect place to easily tack one on!

In this project here, we were trying to create a cliffside look off of a pond.

Cliffside look

There we go, guys-! There easy examples of water features that you can easily incorporate into any setting. THere are limitless ways of incorporating these into your landscape! So the next time you are unsure of what to do to a space…..just think ‘LET’S ADD SOME WATER HERE!’

If you have any questions or need assistance with your water feature project, call Action Home Services. We are your trusted swimming pool contractor, ready to help!