Pools Are a Great Investment, But Not for the Reason You’d Think
Swimming Pool Investment in Canada

Installing a pool is an investment in fun. It enhances your outdoor lifestyle. It creates a great place to exercise, relax, entertain, and for your kids to play. It may increase the value of your home, but it may not. George Klump, an experienced real estate agent at Royal LePage, suggests that having a pool can raise the value of your property, but only if you reside in an area where pools are popular. However, the increase in value may not be equal to the cost of installing the pool. The installation must also be of high quality and comparable to other homes in the area. Additionally, finding a buyer who is interested in having a pool is crucial since not everyone desires one. Therefore, before deciding to install a pool, it is important to have a good understanding of your neighborhood and potential buyers. To determine whether purchasing a pool is worth it, it is best to weigh the costs and benefits. The best way to look at it is this.

If you’re trying to create an outdoor space in which to while away the dog days of summer and have a great time, then there is nothing better than a pool.

A pool starts at about $60,000. If you are interested in a custom-designed pool setting that reflects your vision, it goes up. The sky is the limit as to what is possible, and of course, in terms of cost, too. The good news is that a landscape designer can work with you to achieve a balance between optimizing your outdoor lifestyle and the practicalities of your budget. One of the ways they can do this is by helping you to decide which kind of pool would best suit your needs and budget: an in-ground pool, a fiberglass pool, or a vinyl pool.

So, what do you need?

The easiest way to understand what you need for a pool is to imagine it, loosely, as a circulatory system like the human body. The water cycles through the system. It is suctioned out of the pool by a pump, the heart of the system, to be treated and returned. There are single-speed and variable-speed pumps. Variable speed pumps are more expensive but offer cost savings during use. The pump moves the water through the system, where it is treated in up to three ways: filtration, heating, and chlorination. Filtration cleans the water by removing microscopic particles. Depending on the type of filter—DE, sand, or cartridge filter—it will remove particles from 3.5 microns to 40 microns. (Seventy microns is about the width of human air.) Heating the water is optional. In Toronto, with our short summers, having a pool heating system lengthens your pool-enjoying season. There are three ways to heat your pool: propane, electric, natural gas. Once the water is heated (optional), it flows through a chlorinator or chemical feeder that will keep the water in your pool safe. Their purpose is to keep the chemicals in your pool system in balance, so they do their job of killing germs that can make pool users sick. Finally, the cleaned, treated water is returned to the pool. A solar blanket can be used to heat the pool, but that is external to the system.

5 ways to customize your pool setting

  1. Customize the shape of your pool. In-ground pools can be made into just about any shape you can imagine. With fiberglass pools, there is some choice, but it is limited to the moulds the manufacturer has available. Choose a shape that will best fit your outdoor space.
  2. Add a water feature. A water feature is a great way to customize the look and ambiance of your pool. A waterfall can fall directly into your pool. Jets can be placed around your pool to create some animation. And pool fountains are not only pleasant to look at, they create an ongoing white noise that is ideal if your property is near a busy road.
  3. Incorporate a tanning ledge. A tanning ledge is built adjacent to your pool and is a place to sunbathe, sip on a summer Radler, or let your toddlers splash in the water. It adds a little versatility to your pool.
  4. Enjoy a spa. This can be done in two ways. It can be built as a part of your pool using the same water, or it can be built separately. There are pros and cons to both. Your landscape designer can help you decide which one would work best for you.
  5. Light up your pool. Pool lights are not only practical, they create a warm, intimate environment. Pool lights add a wonderful aesthetic to your pool. They can also be set to change colour to create nighttime interest.

5 ways to max out your fun

So, you’ve chosen your pool features and your pool is built. Here are some more ways you can up the fun of your pool experience.

  1. Add a slide. A timeless classic, but still fun.
  2. Add a pool-side climbing wall. And the good news? If you fall, you land back in the pool. There are many models and heights available. Want to make your pool look avant-garde? Add a climbing wall. Great for fitness and fun.
  3. In-pool bar table. If you’re one of those people that likes to hang out in the pool, add an in-pool bar table. Take a dip, then head to the table and take a sip. Can life get any better?
  4. Sports anyone? Pool volleyball nets can be strung across the pool. Or, you can add a pool-side basketball hoop. Horse anyone? Or...should I say seahorse?
  5. Inflatables galore. There are little floating rooms, blow-up alligators, lounge chairs and just about anything you can imagine. Just blow it up, float it in your pool, and enjoy. 

If we’ve done our job right, you should be starting to think about how much fun having a pool will be and why installing a pool would be a good investment for you and your family. Not to mention, when the temperature tops 30 degrees, you’ll discover you’ve got friends you didn’t even know you had. We hope we’ve wet your interest (pun intended) and welcome the opportunity to answer any questions.

Have a great summer!