5 Snow Removal Tips That You Need to Know
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Sometimes, this white color can be problematic. Whenever the snow season arrives, people start making that dreadful face. It’s time to fight the third state of natural water. The shovels, gloves and the courage come out to eliminate the snow.

It’s a tiring process and we can all agree to that. And if that’s not bad enough, imagine getting your back hurt in such shivering conditions. Doesn’t sound too comforting.

Is there any way to make snow removal easier? Of course, there is. It’s a cliché but as they say – work smart, not hard. While you can always hire a snow removal contractor, sometimes DIY solutions work just as good. So here are 5 snow removal tips that you should know before reaching out for that shovel.

Cooking Spray

If you are only dealing with lighter snow or only have access to a shovel, you can use some cooking spray to make the process easier. Spray some on your shovel and it will move through the snow easily and the snow will not stick to it. This way, you can work much faster.

Use Salt

This is the most common deicer that you can use and it’s easily available in any home. Spread it over before or after the snow falls and it will slowly melt away the buildup. Make sure to use it in moderation because if used excessively, it can damage the actual surface. And also, common salt won’t affect snow after 12F.

If you deal with big piles of snow regularly, it’s best to use salt specially made for deicing. Rock salt or common salt can damage the concrete or paint.

Bring Out the Leaf Blower

If the snow cover is light and fluffy then you can use your leaf blower to blow it away. It’s an easy and quick way to clear our slippery driveways or stairs. It’s also good to clean out cars.

But keep in mind that it only works with light-fluffy snow. Heavier snow is better dealt with a snowblower.

Use a Snow Blower

If you regularly face heavy snow buildup in your area then you should consider investing in a snowblower. These specially designed machines are capable of removing snow in a quick and efficient manner.

It’s best used when the snow is very wet, heavy and spread over a large area. Be cautious when operating it as any contact with the moving parts can lead to some serious injury.

Remove it Often

This point may seem to contradict the heading of this article but it is true. You should remove and clean the snow often. Don’t let the snow buildup. Managing few inches of snow every day is usually easier than plowing out multiple feet high snow. Nothing is worse than having heaps of snow in areas it shouldn’t be when the temperatures warm up.

This keeps the snow manageable so that it doesn’t build up and ice over time! So the main thing to keep in mind is - don’t be lazy.