2023 WRAP UP

Design Trends: 2023 trends have started to change, COVID has given everyone, clients and suppliers, a different outlook on the landscape community as whole. We are seeing a shift in trends this year leaning toward greener industries and placing more emphasis on the human connection with nature. This is creating an increase in people wanting […]

Best Of Homestars For 6 Years! A Thank You From Our Team!

We are so so happy to announce that we have won Homestars’ Best Of Award for 6 years now. In the home improvement industry, the Best Of Award is given by Homestars as a recognition of companies that demonstrate “consistency, professional integrity, and unparalleled customer service.” Our team had to undergo a rigorous vetting process […]

We Now Offer Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Services

Located in Toronto, we are a construction company that offers the best services possible. We provide services such as stone work, wood work, paving, and landscaping. However, now we offer more! We are now providing swimming pool and hot tub services to Toronto and the GTA. Want to learn more about our new services? Then […]

Bins Toronto: A New Service From AHS

Here at Action Home Services, we strive to accommodate our Toronto and Greater Toronto Area customers to the best of our ability. As such we are proud to present Bins Toronto – the perfect service for anyone embarking on a renovation or construction project this year.  What is Bins Toronto? While we offer a number […]

We Have An In-House Designer!

Here at Action Home Services, we are always looking for ways to improve our service for our customers. Whether they are a residential or commercial client, we want any customer to feel like we are going above and beyond to help them enhance their property. We understand the important role that landscaping can play in […]

Tips to Hire a Power Washing Company in GTA

With time there are many conditions that your home goes through. Due to changes in weather and regular usage the home gets dirty and require maintenance with the passage of time. Dirt, grease, grime, and mold forms on roofs, decks, and concrete of your house.   Hiring a pressure or power washing company is the best […]

A Complete Guide to Seal Coat Asphalt Driveway

People often ignore their driveway, despite the fact that they do a lot for us. It allows you to park off the street and close to your home. For businesses, it’s a basic necessity and even a reflection of your company because a well-paved driveway leaves a great first impression on customers. For all these […]

5 Snow Removal Tips That You Need to Know

Sometimes, this white color can be problematic. Whenever the snow season arrives, people start making that dreadful face. It’s time to fight the third state of natural water. The shovels, gloves and the courage come out to eliminate the snow. It’s a tiring process and we can all agree to that. And if that’s not […]