Bins Toronto: A New Service From AHS
Image depicts dumpster bin rentals from Bins Toronto by Action Home Services.

Here at Action Home Services, we strive to accommodate our Toronto and Greater Toronto Area customers to the best of our ability. As such we are proud to present Bins Toronto - the perfect service for anyone embarking on a renovation or construction project this year. 

What is Bins Toronto?

While we offer a number of services, Bins Toronto is first and foremost a premier bin rental service. Not only do we provide dumpster bin rentals to business owners, our services extend to homeowners as well. Whenever you find yourself in the midst of accumulating waste, all you need to do is give our team a call. 

We’ll deliver a disposal bin straight to your property, whether it is commercial or residential. In addition, our team comes to collect the waste and can properly dispose of it too. So if you’re tied up with time-sensitive renovations or aren’t sure where to throw out your waste - rest assured that we can help.

Different Bins Sizes & Pricing

In fact, our dumpsters bins vary per size and per waste. We offer between 6 to 30 Yard bin size options to accommodate any job size, and the type of bin you should use depends on the type of waste you want to get rid of. We can help with concrete, interlock, bricks, soil, grass, apshal, electronics, carpet, mattresses, scrap metal, appliances, drywall - and so much more. 

Our value, however, lies in our customer service. Not only do we provide complete transparency, our team is readily available to answer any questions and as well as provide you with detailed information upon request. For example, while all our bins sizes and costs are marked on our website - if you still find yourself unsure of which bin is the most ideal for you, simply take a photo of the waste and send it to us. We will be able to help you figure it out at no additional charge!

Junk Removal

Another one of our services at Bins Toronto is Junk Removal. Beyond helping you with renovation and construction waste - we can help with overall junk removal too. Whether you are looking to get rid of excess items, declutter your space or discard or clean out an area like a storage unit, our team has you covered. 

Equipment Rental

From mini track loaders, to steer loaders, to compact excavators and more - here, at Bins Toronto, we provide our clients with construction equipment rentals. This way our clients can manage and easily dispose of (or just move) their waste at their convenience. With many options to choose from, our team of trained and experienced professionals will be able to help you pick the right equipment for your project. 

Tri-Axle Service

If you need your soil, concrete or asphalt hauled, simply contact us. We have a fleet of tri-axle dumping trucks on standby in order to help you deal with a large amount of waste. In fact, our trucks can haul up to 20 metric tons of materials - so no matter the size of your project or waste, you can bet we’ll be able to help. 

Our main goal is to provide a reliable and convenient solution to getting rid of all renovation or construction project waste. With our quick and easy four-step rental process, fair pricing, helpful support and dependable pros - Bins Toronto is at your service. Contact our team at (647) 479-2152 or book online and allow us to help you with your project today!