Backyard Landscaping: 5 Tips for Designing Around Your Swimming Pool
backyard landscaping swimming pool

Do you have a pool or are planning to install a pool in your backyard? If so, you’re probably going to want to know how you can design the space around the pool so that it is beautiful, welcoming, and relaxing.

Your backyard pool is a place where you can escape from all your worries and responsibilities, and gather with your family and friends during the hot summer days. We’re here to give you 5 tips on how to design around your swimming pool.

Tip #1: Lighting

Having good lighting in and around your pool is extremely important, especially if you intend to use it after the sun goes down. Not only does having good lighting make it easier for you to see, but it also helps create a comfortable ambiance.

lighting in pool

Lighting inside of the pool is good for general pool use so you can see inside the pool in the dark, as well as illuminate the water for a beautiful look at night. Lighting around the pool area is what really gives the area a nice and warm feeling. The type of lighting you choose should depend on the theme you are going for in your backyard.

lighting around pool

If you want to keep it simple, you can install simple lights around the pool perimeter and surrounding areas. If you want to go for more of a cute or romantic vibe, string lights are a perfect option. You can hang them on the fences or through trees around the pool area. If you do go with string lights, place them in the general area of the pool and away from the water to ensure safety and avoid any hazards. If you are trying to go for a more “tropical” or “island” mood, you could place tiki torches around the pool area. There are many different types of lighting and themes you can choose from, so choose the one that best interests you!

Tip #2: Pathways

Having a pathway or interlocking walkway to your pool is both ideal and aesthetically pleasing - if done correctly. You don’t want to be walking on grass to and from the pool all the time. It is important that you create a space around the perimeter of the pool, as well as a walkway to and from your door or seating area.

interlocking walkway to the pool

Ideally, these should be made out of stone or flat rocks. Be creative with it. Concrete is an option but can sometimes be rough to walk on in bare feet around the pool, and does not look as nice visually.

Tip #3: Rocks and Trees

Adding rocks and trees to the landscape around your pool can completely enhance the look and feel of the entire area. Adding rocks can create an added dimension to your pool area and a focal point around the poolside. Rocks can be used for ornamental purposes around the pool, as well as complement the water with their form, texture and characteristics.

Natural rocks come in varying heights and curves, giving the landscape an interesting and unique visual effect. You could also simply create a rock garden around the pool. Gather some rocks from a local river or beach, and place them on a bed of dirt until it is completely covered. You could also add some decorative long grass into the rock garden as an accent.

trees around pool

Trees are a very important aspect of landscaping around pools. Not only do trees provide shade and natural decoration, but they also act as a privacy screen and protect against wind. It is important to keep in mind that trees do shed leaves, flowers, and fruit depending on the type. You are going to want to either place the trees far enough away from the water so that nothing falls into the pool, or find a species of tree that does not shed during the summer.

Tip #4: Plants and Shrubbery

One of the simplest, most beautiful ways to decorate around your pool area is to add plants and bushes. Plants add lush textures and vibrant hints of colour that create a calming and peaceful mood around the pool.

beautiful pool area

When choosing plants, try to choose ones that don't shed much so you can avoid having to clean leaves and flowers out of the pool water. Also, try to choose some plants that have a sweet smell, so when in the pool or nearby you can smell the sweet aromas. If you don’t have room to plant anything, you could create a container garden instead. A container garden is a cohesively designed arrangement of potted plants together.

container garden

Another option for the perimeter of the pool is to add a border of ornamental grass. They’re neutral but eye-catching, and fit in almost anywhere. If you don’t want a complete border of ornamental grass, you can use it to create small accent pieces as well. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with plants, so be creative.

Tip #5: Hardscapes and Privacy

Hardscapes can work to enhance your pool landscape just as much as plants can. You could try centering your pool landscape around a conversation-starting piece such as a sculpture or water feature; or you could place boulders and river rocks along the perimeter of the pool and accent them with a bubbling fountain or simple waterfall.

pool deck

If your pool is a place where you entertain guests often, you could build a pool deck or patio. To spice up this poolside area and make it welcoming, try adding some simple but eye-catching and comfortable furniture.

privacy fence around the pool

The last thing you’ll want to add to your pool area is a privacy fence. Fencing is a beautiful backdrop to plants and offers close to complete privacy. If you do not want to add a fence, you can also create privacy by adding rows of trees or shrubbery that cover space.

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