Do I Require a Permit to Widen My Driveway?
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The Greater Toronto Area is a fast-growing, extremely populated city. This means that space, whether it be for roads, businesses, parks or homes, urban space is highly limited and sought after. This means that neighbours normally live side by side in densely populated centers, even if it is a single-family home.
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Driveway Permit

A lot of people living in GTA also drive cars, with the need to commute and the desire to travel and visit nature on the weekends, it is not uncommon for families to have multiple vehicles. This means an even higher demand for parking lots and spaces. Some people may be ignorantly unaware, but even if it is your private property, in most if not all cases, you are not allowed to start building without a permit, and of course, driveway widening is no different. It impacts the city, the road, the community and your neighbours so it is important for every city to have some responsibility and oversight over the construction, widening and maintenance of driveways. There are only a small number of areas left around the GTA that allow for permitless construction of your driveway, so ensure you check with your local by-laws before you start any project.

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For example, the City of Toronto by-laws are known to be some of the strictest in the Greater Toronto Area. Most driveway paving companies and contractors will not even return your call until you have acquired the appropriate permits.
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Are you located in the Greater Toronto Area and interested in widening your driveway? Get in touch with the professionals at Action Home Services to avoid any hiccups or headaches regarding your driveway widening project.

Action Home Services has years of experience working with numerous cities, towns and municipalities, and we know the best way to get your driveway widening project approved. We write all the exact plans, measurements and dimensions and then send all the appropriate documentation to the city. We know exactly what they are looking for and always stay strict to all the by-laws and subsequent regulations. 

If you submitted your own plan to your local government for approval but unfortunately got denied we can also assist with that. Show us your driveway and home and we will be able to accurately tell you why your plans didn’t get approved can help you in hopefully successfully applying again. No matter what city you reside in or how complicated the permit process is, Action Home Services can always help you. Contact Us Today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a driveway permit in Toronto?

The timeframe for obtaining a driveway permit in Toronto varies due to factors like project complexity and permitting department workload. Generally, it can take several weeks to a few months. For precise details on current processing times and requirements, it’s recommended to contact the local municipality or the relevant department responsible for permit issuance.

Can I get a permit for driveway myself in Toronto?

To secure a driveway permit in Toronto, you’ll need a paving license, WSIB coverage, and liability insurance. The paving license ensures contractors meet city standards. WSIB coverage is mandatory for construction businesses, providing insurance for workers. Liability insurance safeguards against financial losses from accidents or damage. Compliance with these requirements is crucial for obtaining permits and avoiding penalties. Contact us today for specific application processes and updates.

What is an Encroachment Agreement permit?

An Encroachment Permit is required when placing, erecting, or building something on the public right-of-way for private use, like parking, fences, piping, porches, canopies, or signs. Permission from the City is necessary for these encroachments. The municipality may grant an Encroachment Agreement to allow such use of the public space legally.