What Types Of Fire Features Are Available?
Fire features various styles

There are various styles of fire features available on the market. These features can include outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables, and other outdoor heating elements. The specific styles and designs may vary based on current trends, technological advancements, and consumer preferences.

Outdoor fireplace

Some common styles of fire features include:

1. Traditional Fireplaces: A traditional fireplace is a timeless marvel that seamlessly blends warmth and nostalgia, casting a mesmerizing glow that transforms any space into a haven of comfort and relaxation.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance where crackling flames dance with an ageless grace, creating an inviting atmosphere that beckons friends and family to gather and share moments of joy.

With its rustic charm and the therapeutic allure of real flames, a traditional fireplace not only adds a touch of sophistication to your home but also serves as a captivating focal point, inviting you to indulge in the simple pleasures of fireside conversations and cozy evenings.

2. Fire Pits: These are versatile and can be standalone or built into outdoor spaces.

Our custom fire pits come in various shapes and materials, such as metal, concrete, or stone. Elevate your outdoor experience with a firepit – a captivating centrepiece that turns any gathering into a memorable event, as the dancing flames create an intimate atmosphere perfect for roasting marshmallows, sharing stories, and forging lasting connections.

Unleash the magic of a firepit in your backyard oasis, where the enchanting flicker of flames transforms ordinary evenings into extraordinary moments, providing both warmth and a sense of communal bliss that beckons friends and family to unwind and revel in the joy of togetherness.

A fire pit isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in creating a haven of relaxation and camaraderie. Let the allure of an outdoor firepit inspire you to embrace the serenity of starlit nights, where the crackling embers become the catalyst for cherished memories and the perfect reason to gather loved ones under the open sky.

3. Fire Bowls: Similar to fire pits but typically smaller and bowl-shaped, often used for decorative purposes.

Transform your outdoor space into a radiant sanctuary with a fire bowl – a versatile marvel that effortlessly combines elegance and warmth, turning any gathering into a visual spectacle as the flames gracefully dance within the bowl's enchanting embrace.

Embrace the allure of a fire bowl as more than a functional accessory but as a design statement that transcends seasons, casting a captivating glow that not only provides a cozy ambiance but also serves as a stunning focal point, inviting relaxation and conversation.

Elevate your outdoor lifestyle with a fire bowl, where the marriage of modern aesthetics and primal warmth creates an irresistible allure. Whether for solo reflection or lively socializing, the mesmerizing flames in a fire bowl offer a compelling reason to invest in a stylish centrepiece that brings both sophistication and intimacy to your outdoor living space.

4. Fire Tables: Combining the functionality of a table with a built-in fire feature, they are popular for outdoor gatherings.

Ignite your outdoor living with a fire table, a multitasking marvel that seamlessly blends style and function, transforming your patio into a year-round oasis where the flickering flames not only provide warmth but also create a chic centrepiece for unforgettable gatherings.

Elevate your al fresco entertaining with a fire table – the epitome of sophistication and practicality. This elegant addition not only extends your outdoor season but also offers a stylish platform for shared moments, whether it's cozy family dinners or lively soirées under the stars.

Unleash the magic of a fire table in your outdoor haven, where the harmonious marriage of form and function creates an inviting ambiance. As the flames dance across the sleek surface, indulge in the perfect blend of warmth and design, making a compelling case for turning your patio into a sanctuary of comfort and style.

5. Chimineas: Freestanding, front-loading fireplaces with a distinctive chimney design. Embrace the enchanting allure of an outdoor chiminea, a sculptural masterpiece that not only radiates warmth but transforms your outdoor space into a rustic retreat, where the mesmerizing dance of flames adds a touch of magic to every gathering.

Elevate your patio experience with an outdoor chiminea, a time-honoured symbol of comfort and style. As the aromatic wood smoke mingles with the night air, this charming addition not only offers a cozy focal point but also beckons you to unwind and savour the simple pleasures of al fresco living.

Invest in the charm and functionality of an outdoor chiminea – a versatile work of art that not only serves as a source of warmth but also as a captivating design element, effortlessly blending the old-world charm with contemporary outdoor living, providing a compelling reason to make your backyard a haven of relaxation and conviviality.

6. Ethanol Fireplaces: These use bioethanol fuel and are often wall-mounted or tabletop designs.

Ethanol fire pits are the right choice for those who prioritize flexibility and eco-friendliness. With no need for a chimney or utility connections, these fire pits offer portability and easy installation, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of real flames in any outdoor space. Additionally, ethanol is a clean-burning fuel, making these fire pits an environmentally conscious and stylish option for those seeking a contemporary and sustainable outdoor heating solution.

Natural gas fireplace

7. Propane or Natural Gas Fireplaces: These can be built into outdoor spaces or used as tabletop units, offering convenience and control.

Propane or natural gas fireplaces are the right choices for those prioritizing instant warmth and control. With a simple flip of a switch, these fireplaces provide a consistent and adjustable flame, eliminating the need for manual log arrangement or cleanup. Their efficiency, reliability, and continuous heat source make them an ideal option for those seeking a hassle-free and reliable fireplace experience.

8. Electric Fireplaces: Designed for indoor use, they simulate flames using electricity and can be wall-mounted or freestanding.

Electric fireplaces are the right choice for those seeking convenient warmth and ambiance without the hassle of traditional maintenance. With easy installation, no need for venting, and customizable settings, electric fireplaces offer a versatile and energy-efficient solution that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the timeless charm of a flickering flame. Their convenience and eco-friendly features make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to effortlessly enhance their living space with the allure of a fireplace.

Electric fireplace

9. Custom design: Typically these are natural gas or wood-burning options.

Most custom works don’t specify to accommodate propane. These can include an exposed burner with glass / different media options, or something cool like fire troches. Maybe it's a combination that mixes fire and water.

Designing a custom fire feature in your backyard infuses your outdoor space with a unique touch that reflects your personality and style, turning it into a personalized sanctuary where every flame dances to the rhythm of your enthusiasm. It's a chance to ignite your creativity, embracing the joy of crafting a bespoke outdoor haven that not only warms the nights but also sparks a sense of pride and excitement every time you gather around the custom-designed fire.

Keep in mind that the availability of different styles may change over time as new designs and technologies emerge. It's recommended to check with local retailers or online sources for the latest options in fire features.

Fireplace custom design

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