Why Are Paver Driveways Better Than Concrete Driveways?
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When you are asking the opinion of others about beautifying your driveway, sometimes you might end up disappointed. Some people will tell you that it is just a driveway so why bother spend money and time on it? Well, as a homeowner, you may have researched on the importance of putting work into that once neglected part of your home. You realised it is an important element in the home's marketability in case you plan to sell it in the future. As you see it, driveways are as important as the house you have built and what you have placed inside it.

Typically, just like others, you won't really pay attention to what you will use to beautify your driveways. Whether it is simple concrete or plain pavers, you will think having them installed will be enough. But once you have seen those patterns and colours present on a neighbour's driveway, you will think of installing those types of pavers on your driveways as well. When you are left in awe with what you have seen, you definitely want to spend money on it.

Will you opt for paver driveways or concrete driveways?

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Concrete driveways are popular. No one can deny the fact that they have been there since automobiles have been introduced in the market. The good thing about concrete driveways is they are sturdy and can provide support to the weight of a motor vehicle or anything that moves on it and those that carry a heavy load.

As popular as concrete driveways, however, are paver driveways. In fact, the very first one dates back to the 6th century BC. Romans have used such paver driveways in order to move their troops all over the world. These pavers are still seen up to now but these interlocking pavers have been made even more durable this time. There are even those that have survived World War II.

Concrete driveways

Aside from plain concrete, stamped concrete are also being manufactured these days. Both of these types of concrete are attractive but you have to remember that installing one will entail higher labour costs. Do not forget that there are problems inherent to concrete which will mean additional expense on your part later on.

In fact, even after concrete has been cured, they are still prone to cracking specifically on the driveway's edges. This can be very difficult to repair. You have to remove the entire broken piece then find one that matches the exact colour, finish and consistency to make it as attractive as before. Concrete driveways can also be a fall hazard since they tend to be slippery when wet. Anything that makes the driveway wet increases these problems whether it is rain, ice, snow or even water you have used for car washing.

Paver driveways

Interlocking concrete pavers have been made from a mixture of sand, gravel, cement, and water. This combination results to a more porous material. The interlocking feature in these pavers also helps prevent them from rotating or the possibilities of slippage. In case pavers crack or become discoloured, it requires less extensive labour and cost. It is also very easy to take up a few pavers up then lay them back down for any improvements that you need to do.

They can also be complemented with grass for a more textured look on the driveway. Just simply fill the spaces between two pavers with moss or grass and you will be able to create a beautiful structure. Mowing the grass in case they grow tall is very easy too. They are absorbent thus any harsh weather conditions will never be a problem.

It is with no doubt that paver driveways are better than the concrete options. Remember to engage the help of a reliable interlocking contractor in Markham to achieve the best installation results.