Showcasing 5 of Our Interlocking Projects
showcasing interlocking projects

Over the years, we have completed many fantastic projects. Our experience has allowed us to work with many clients on a diverse range of projects. Whether it is our work with landscaping, driveway installation, interlocking, or adding an addition to a property, we always deliver beautiful and memorable results. 

Because we are so proud of our work, we have decided to highlight some projects that we are really proud of. Check them out and get inspired for your next big project!

1. Residential Driveway Installation Project - Toronto

This client, who resides in Toronto, came to us to have a new interlocking driveway installed to replace their old driveway. This project held a unique challenge as our client shared a driveway with their neighbour. Understandably, they didn’t want to have their driveway be a stark contrast to their neighbour’s driveway. To ensure that they had a driveway that matched with their neighbours, we used the same Bestway Manhattan Plank Smooth Pavers stones that were used in the neighbour’s driveway to ensure the driveways shared the same look. 

interlocking project toronto

Once we had solved this little dilemma, we went on with work as usual which took about 5 days to complete. This particular interlocking job stands out as we had a very specific goal in mind and still delivered an outstanding result. 

Though the idea was to match existing neighbour's pavers, different patterns can be installed to make a driveway unique. We also provide the option to make a border with the same pavers or a tone darker to add more definition. However, if you are trying to match your neighbour's interlocking, it should be said that some interlocking is no longer produced or out of date, but there are many alternatives available on the market.

Want to see more from this project? Then visit this link:


2. Residential Landscaping Project - Thornhill

A client from Thornhill came to use wanting a new walkway, front porch, patio, and some landscaping services. To install the interlocking front porch, we had to first install a retaining wall and then a supporting column made of aluminum. We added steps to the front porch that lead to the new interlocking walkway that led to the backyard, where the newly installed interlocking patio was. This really pulled it all together and created a cohesive feeling to the entry property. 

interlocking project thornhill

Following this, we added additional interlocking around the shed in the backyard, fixed their backyard fence, and planted trees and river locks around the perimeter of the backyard. 

This whole project was done in just 5 days by only 4 of our talented crew members. You can see more from this one here:


3. Backyard Interlocking Project - Richmond Hill

We took on a project in Richmond Hill for a client that wanted to greatly improve their backyard. They had recently installed a new pool and wanted to design their backyard around it. For the pool, we installed a new ladder and multi-coloured LED bulbs which really made the pool stand out. We also supplied and installed pavers for an interlocking patio that matched the rest of the backyard. We finished by doing some landscaping in the backyard, added pool coping, built a retaining wall, built a retaining fence and installed a backyard shed. 

interlocking project richmond hill

You can see more images from this project here:


4. Interlocking Backyard Pool - Kleinburg

A client in Kleinburg wanted to do a complete backyard renovation that had a large pool surrounded by interlocking.

interlocking project kleinburg

We have created both the pool and the interlocking from scratch, starting with the excavation of the site as well as grading and levelling the area for the pool. After installing the pool, we created an interlocking patio as well as some river rocks to improve the overall look of the space. We also installed pavers over the existing concrete to create a patio that sat right by the pool which we installed curbs around. We finished off by providing our expert landscaping services, which included excavating an area for a garden.

After all of our hard work, we created a picturesque backyard that will surely impress any guests the client may have over. See more from this project here:


5. Residential Interlocking Stairs - North York

A North York homeowner was hoping to improve the curb appeal of their home with a new interlocking walkway and steps to their home’s entryway. 

interlocking project north york

To start the project, we had to first remove the old concrete steps. We then created a beautiful walkway and installed block steps for both the main and side entrance. To help improve the curb appeal further, we also installed a new garden that sat right beside the steps. For both aesthetics and safety, we installed aluminum railings to go with the new steps and walkway. 

This project stands out as we had to overcome the challenge of working on a busy city street. The home was located at a busy intersection, making accessing the property difficult due to all of our equipment. However, after having a team ensure traffic wasn’t blocked and requiring all of the proper permits, we got this project done. While the project is beautiful on its own, the challenges that arose from it make it even more of an accomplishment. 

You can learn more about this project here:


These are just some of the amazing projects we have completed at Action Home Services. We may run into obstacles but we face them and still provide our clients with results that can’t be beaten. We hope that some of these projects will inspire your next project, and if they have, we're here to help you get them done!

At Action Home Services, we are prepared to take on any challenge! Give our landscaping experts a call at (647) 937-1023 to get a free estimate on a project in Toronto and the GTA.