Get Inspired With These 4 Backyard Interlocking Projects
backyard interlocking

Interlocking pavers enhance the property in multiple ways. For starters, they allow you to minimize landscaping efforts, which results in a low-maintenance backyard. Moreover, they are weather-resistant, safe to use, durable enough to stand the test of time and allow you to create unique styles.

Here at Action Home Services, our team specializes in backyard interlocking. Take a look at some of our previous projects:

Backyard Interlocking Newmarket

When a Newmarket homeowner connected with us and shared their idea to completely change their backyard aesthetics - we knew we had to jump onboard and help them realize their vision. This project consisted of removing their existing landscape and filling the space up with an interlocking patio

In addition, we added interlocking steps, a retaining wall as well as flower beds to further enhance the design. Our hard work resulted in the client having a modern space that was not only beautiful to look at, but visually appealing enough to entertain family and friends.

newmarket interlocking pavers

Backyard Interlocking Markham

One of our favorite projects to work on was this one in Markham. When this client gave us a call, they mentioned that they wanted a complete transformation. So we knew that we needed to step it up. Our backyard experts went in and fully assessed the space before we began. Once the design to elevate their backyard was realized, we got to work. 

From adding backyard interlocking, patio slabs, natural stone steps, retaining walls, interlocking walkway, lights, flower beds, and even more planting around the space - we were able to take a nice backyard and turn it into a gorgeous oasis, perfect for hosting family and friends.

markham interlocking pavers

Backyard Interlocking Richmond Hill

Sometimes you want more than just a nice seating area in order to entertain your loved ones and friends. Perhaps you want to install an interlocking pool like a Richmond Hill client did. With this project, the goal was certainly to revamp the backyard, but the addition of the pool really locked on the overall vision of the space. Of course we began the process by excavated and installing the pool. Once that was completed, a new ladder and multi-coloured LED bulbs (for the visual appeal) were added. 

However, simply incorporating a pool into the backyard wasn’t going to cut it. To enhance the space even further, we installed pavers around the pool. It really made the pool (our main element) pop. Naturally, once we did that, we added some landscaping to really tie the space together. Other tidbits were included as well, and needless to say our client was extremely satisfied with the results.

richmond hill pool interlocking pavers

Backyard Interlocking Toronto

This client had interlocking pavers in their backyard. The request wasn’t to redo the space, but rather to install new pavers in order to make it look like the entire backyard had been redone. So naturally we did just that with this project

First, our team went in and demolished and disposed of the existing pavers. Upon removing the existing pavers, we were able to install our new selection. Our installation stretched from the backyard space and into the walkway area and steps - easily upgrading the space in its entirety. This homeowner was pleased with the results, and the backyard looked elegant, elevated and all the elements worked together seamlessly. 

interlocking pavers
At Action Home Services, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you transform your backyard space with incredible interlocking designs. No matter what it is you’re looking for, and no matter what type of vision you have in mind, we have you covered. So whether you reside in Toronto or the GTA, simply give us a call at (647) 937-1023 for a free estimate and let’s get started on the backyard of your dreams.