The Importance of Asphalt Sealing for your Driveway
asphalt sealing



When picking between asphalt and concrete homeowners tend to go with asphalt due to it having a lower price while still providing durability comparable concrete. Although, in order for asphalt to provide your property with great support, you have to first have a seal correctly applied during the installation process. Only after the seal is applied will your asphalt match the durability of concrete. If your asphalt has been correctly applied it will be protected from wear and tear and will not crack as easily. 

If you’re on the fence about sealing your asphalt driveway, through this article we are going to go through the benefits of having a sealed asphalt driveway. 


Protects Driveway

Sealing the asphalt in a driveway will protect it from the elements as well as damage that would occur during everyday use. Sealing will give your driveway a water-resistant layer which will help avoid damage from snow and rain. It will also prevent cracks, erosion and extreme heat from damaging the driveway prevents the need for repairs in the future. 


Prevents the Formation of Potholes

After sealing your asphalt you create a sort of resistance barrier that protects against any imperfections that occur when the asphalt was laid down. The materials of the seal will seep into the air pockets that were left behind during the laying of the asphalt, making the surface stronger overall. 



If there are any damaged sections of the seals coating, the sun will heat the sealant and it will melt the damaged areas back together. This will help prevent any distortions or flexing, which will ultimately prevent any cracks from forming. 



Asphalt is one of the most recycled products in North America and most of the companies that install new driveways will either reuse or recycle tons and tons of asphalt each year. This is why asphalt is a very cost-effective method while also making it an eco-friendly driveway solution.   


Less Wear and Tear on Vehicles

The smooth surface provided by asphalt sealing will cause less wear and tear to be placed on vehicles due to the smooth surface created by the seal. Sealing will increase the lifespan of a vehicle by up to 10% because vehicles won`t need to struggle with cracks and imperfections when entering and exiting the driveway. The cost benefits that come with both purchasing asphalt over concrete and your car needing less maintenance make asphalt great on the wallet.


Improves Curb Appeal

Without sealant on your asphalt driveway, it can look gray or white and the overall look of your home can suffer because of it. It will be evident it isn’t concrete due to the lighter colour, but with the seal, it will have a much darker finish and the surface will look smooth. The sleek look of the sealant will improve your home’s curb appeal and equity, especially because the seal will reduce the need for future maintenance costs.    


Sealing Can Be a DIY Project

While it is best to acquire the assistance of a trained, professional contractor for the initial seal of your asphalt, the following coats can easily be done on your own with the sealant required being found at most hardware stores.    


Sealing Asphalt Increases Moisture Run-Off 

After a coat of sealant has been applied to asphalt the surface will efficiently run-off any moisture causing less build-up and erosion in the process.  


Easier to Remove Snow

Due to the smooth layer made by the sealant, clearing snow in the winter is made easier because shovels and snowplows won`t have to fight against cracks and imperfections in the asphalt.  

Contaminant Protection

The protective seal made by asphalt sealing will prevent gas, oil, and other substances from eating away at the driveway as the sealant is resistant to gasoline and other contaminants. The seal filling up any cracks in the asphalt also prevents any chemicals from leaking into the driveway and causing serious future damage. 


Compatible with Every Type of Asphalt

Asphalt sealing will work with any type of asphalt including hot-mix asphalt, cold-mix asphalt, glassphalt, and rubberized asphalt.  

sealing your asphalt

As you can see there are numerous benefits that come with sealing asphalt. It’s cheaper and just as durable as concrete while looking just as great. It is impervious to rain, snow, contaminants and other liquids that would cause erosion and eventual cracking if maintained properly - making it great for your wallet and the environment. And it is self-healing and you can install it on your own, among many other benefits.

If you’re thinking of sealing your driveway Action Home Services (AHS) offers high-quality asphalt sealing services at great prices from a team of experts you can count on. At AHS, you save on the cost of asphalt sealing without jeopardizing the quality. We do both commercial parking lots and residential driveways. If you enlist AHS to perform your asphalt sealing you can be assured that your driveway will be protected from the elements and will look pristine.

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