Residential Driveway Sealing: Is It Eco-Friendly?
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It is always nice when you can say you are experiencing the best of both worlds. Staying at a five-star hotel for two star hotel prices. Having a sports car that is luxurious. Living in the country but working in the city. All of these are enviable situations to find oneself in.

When it comes to sealing a driveway, many homeowners often ask us in passing if it is at all harmful to the environment. And it is understandable that the average homeowner would be concerned about this. Everyone wants to build their dream home, but no one is interested in harming the environment in the process.

So let’s take a look at asphalt sealing to suss out whether or not it is eco-friendly. We’ll also provide you with some important questions you can ask a residential driveway sealing company to determine whether or not they use eco-friendly products.
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Is Asphalt Sealing Eco-Friendly? 

The short answer is yes, as long as you avoid Coal Tar sealants. Different asphalt sealing products create a shiny finish which will completely revitalize the look of your driveway, protect your driveway from the elements, and on top of that, will not harm the environment.

As a homeowner, this is what you want to aim for when you hire a team in Toronto or the GTA to reseal your driveway. Here at AHS, we do not use coal tar sealants when we take on residential driveway sealing projects in Toronto and the GTA. We want to help you get the best of both worlds if that is what you want. Let us tell you why we don’t use coal tar sealants in the work that we do.
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Why We Don’t Use Coal Tar

Many studies have come out in the past few years that have looked at the impact of coal tar on the environment. There is this study in the US that found that coal tar can be damaging to the aquatic life around your home.

To put it simply, this type of sealant has high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (or PAH for short). This part of a class of chemical that can occur in coal, crude oil and gasoline. Hence what makes it damaging to the environment. 

Beyond the damages to the environment, studies have also found that it can be damaging to your health. So when you are calling companies to find someone to reseal your driveway, make sure you always ask if they use coal tar-type sealant for residential driveways. 
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The team at AHS is available to help get your driveway looking brand new again with our asphalt sealing product. You can learn about our pricing here. When you are ready to call the best residential driveway sealing company in Toronto and the GTA, give us a call at (647) 937-1023 or send us a message via our contact us page