The Big Question: Can I Skip the Landscape Designer?
Advantages of hiring personal designer

So, you're itching to transform your outdoor space – dreaming of a killer patio, a garden that's Instagram-worthy, and you have the perfect construction team waiting for you, but the fear of the cost and the attitudes of Designers! You want to be the driver of the bus, but darn those Designers and their ways! Today, let’s look into the pros of having your Designer and why it is a good thing!

Key Reasons to Choose Your Own Designer

1. Your Epic Design gets Better!: You've probably spent hours doodling on your phone or maybe even sketching out some wild ideas on paper. Your Design is right where you want it..but is it? Perhaps many components can get even better! This is where having a professional can help in the aesthetic side of things.

Professional landscape designer

2. Being on the same page! When you're chatting with your contractor, it's all about being clear and vibing on the same page. Show them your sketches, talk about your Pinterest inspo, and make sure they get what you're throwing down. Communication is key to making sure they nail your vision. However, when all seem like you have the perfect game plan, there are times where things just does not look as they should be on paper. This is where having a in-house designer helps a lot! You can’t be there every single moment of the project, but a designer sure can, and they can make decisions for you based on your taste! That is like having your very own mini-me at your place while you are off tackling the other bigger things in life!

3. Know Your Budget: Sometimes, construction can feel very much like shopping at Walmart. Individual components are not expensive, but they can add up quickly! Your own personal Designer can help you make choices by selecting the best-valued ticket item while keeping you on budget! You will never know, sometimes you just want to add some items back on with the savings that you are getting!

Backyard landscaping services

4. The Permits!: Ugh, paperwork. But hey, it's gotta be done…if you are aware of them to begin with! Most of the time, home owner are not aware the mountains of permit just to build a seemingly simple items in their own property! Your designer will help you navigate the permit maze and ensure everything's up to code. They're the pros, so trust them to handle the boring stuff while you plan your epic housewarming party.

5. Quality Counts: Don't skimp on quality – you want your outdoor space to look like an instagram post right? Designers often run around looking for all sorts of fascinating new cool things that you can trust, and utilise in your project!

Beautiful outdoor space

In the end, DIY design is all about owning your vision and working with a contractor who's got your back. So dream big, and get ready to turn your outdoor space into the ultimate hangout spot. You got this!

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