Natural Stone Steps Installation in Toronto
natural stone steps installation toronto


Natural stone steps are the perfect way to enhance the look of your front yard, as well as any walkway and/or a backyard patio. There are different options available on the market,  however, our favourites are Flagstone Natural Stone Steps from Banas and Oakville Natural Stone.

Now that you have the best available products in hand, it’s time to move to the installation stage. To help you understand this stage better, we are going to break down the best installation method of Stone Steps in Toronto and review a set-by-step guide on how to do it in accordance with Safety Regulations and Toronto Building Code (something you do not need to worry about if you hire some trust-worthy contractor to do it..hmmm, I wonder who could that be?)

stone step installation toronto

One important thing to keep in mind is that improper installation may (and certainly will) cause the stones to shift, move and sink over the years. No homeowner wants to deal with these things because they are safety issues, especially during extreme weather. Action Home Services is an experienced landscape contractor available in Toronto and the GTA, and our team can attend to any of your landscape needs.


Step #1 – Base preparation

As is the case with all construction projects (no matter how big or small), the foundation is crucial. So, the first step is to excavate the perimetre for a concrete pad.


Step #2 – Concrete

Next, we have to install 10 inch 3/4 gravel and pour 8 inches of reinforced concrete with footings that are 4 ft below grade.

stone steps foundation

Step #3 – Installation

Once the concrete is set, it is time to install the actual steps using a “Pyramid method”. It is important to note that with this specific project pictured in this blog, we cut the steps on the sides because of rock faces. By doing this, we created a foundation step first. Feel free to make small adjustments for steps to fit in the space required, or you can match a design you want.

stone step installation


Step #4 – Adjustments

After the 1st course is built, you’ll have to fill in the sides with 3/4 gravel for stability. 

After this is done, you can install the second, third and fourth steps. To improve the strength of the structure, compact the gravel.

stone steps


Step #5 – Railings

The last step before you clean up is to install the railings. Besides being a Natural Stone contractor, we also offer Railing Installation services in Toronto and the GTA. So we have the whole project covered for you. 


To conclude Natural Stone Installation review, it is necessary to realize that whether you choose Natural Stone or Flagstone steps, the installation involves a strong knowledge of the process, and the special equipment required to lift all materials. To be more specific, a 4 ft step weighs about 200-300 pounds, while a 6 ft step is about 500-800 pounds. Quite a workout eh? While DYI of steps is still possible, we encourage you to save a headache and trust this sort of job to someone reliable, professional and experienced. 

Here at Action Home Services, we care for our customers, always stay on top of crew management, follow safety regulations, do a clean and neat job – and this is not even speaking of the wide range of power equipment that helps us take on any project of any difficulty level! Give us a call at (647) 937-1023 to get a free estimate on a natural stone steps installation project in Toronto and the GTA.