Installing a Swimming Pool in a Newmarket Home Backyard

It all started with a good recommendation from a neighbor. This client was impressed with the composite deck project we did for their neighbour in Newmarket. At AHS, we’re all about turning regular spaces into something extraordinary. Our client’s wish for a fantastic swimming pool came true as our team skillfully installed it step-by-step, making it the go-to spot for relaxation. To complement this retreat, we crafted a lovely patio using interlocking designs. It not only added a touch of class but also became a practical extension of their living space.

What’s the outcome? A backyard oasis that turns the mundane into something magical. The blend of a beautiful swimming pool and a thoughtfully laid patio created a haven for relaxation, lively get-togethers, and the crafting of countless memories. The client wasn’t just happy with our quick services; they were genuinely wowed by the top-notch quality we provided. With AHS, your dream backyard isn’t just a dream; it’s a project away from becoming your daily reality.

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