Although durable, strong and engineered to last, driveways can become hazardous eyesores in what feels like a blink of an eye. This home in the Hurontario had seen better days and was ready for an upgrade and refresh. This customer took full advantage of Action Home Service’s skills and expertise by also requesting a custom interlocking pathway to their side door.

After the consultation and planning process was finalized and approved our team quickly got to work laying custom cut stones and elevating the entire front of the property. Once the project was completed, the homeowner had safe access and use of their driveway as well as a functional and gorgeous interlocking stone side walkway. The customer can sleep easy with peace of mind for years to come, trusting that their property is secure, beautiful and safe for all sorts of visitors.

Action Home Services loves achieving all of our customer’s wants and needs, no matter the size or scale of the project. Driveways and walkways see a lot of foot traffic, and keeping them not only safe but aesthetically pleasing is always part of the mission at AHS.