Front walkways and patios are normally made of concrete, stone and other extremely robust and strong materials. These materials are designed to withstand years of erosion and subsequent wear and tear. Despite the best maintenance efforts though these materials can and will still eventually fail, crack and break. There are many variables that can contribute to the speed degradation of these strong materials, but regardless like everything they do not last forever.

This homeowner had walkway steps leading to their front door that were starting to show signs of failure. The steps were wrapping, cracking and causing unsafe and hazardous walking surfaces. With the winter quickly approaching they wanted their walkway to be completely functional and 100% safe to accommodate their friends and family throughout the winter season. Ice and snow can easily make these types of surfaces very dangerous which is why there is no repair or restoration project too big or small for our team at AHS. Once our designers and consultation team discovered the style, look and feel this customer was looking for, our interlocking specialist contractors promptly got to work.

Our team must first demolish and clear out the old worn-out interlocking stones, then the next step is excavation and preparation. Prepping the soil around and underneath interlocking is important to maximizing the lifespan of your interlocking by ensuring the earth around it won’t shift, move and heave. The final steps include installing and laying custom interlocking stone and ensuring the surface is clean, walkable, flat and most importantly, safe. Contact Action Home Services to get your front patio steps restored or replaced or to inquire about our expert and industry-leading landscaping and contracting services.