Landscaping, Asphalt Sealing and Interlocking Toronto

If you are in need of professional landscaping and interlocking in Toronto, then you have come to the right place. Whether you require professional interlocking or asphalt sealing, the team at Action Home Services (AHS) can perform these services for you plus any other exterior design services for you and your home. This means that we are committed to always delivering a final product that looks great. Call us today to request your quote.

Your Source for Landscaping, Asphalt Sealing and Interlocking in Toronto

With a wealth of experience in many different exterior design projects, the team at AHS has the expertise and the skills to bring your landscaping and interlocking in Toronto. No matter what project you have in mind, be it interlocking driveways, asphalt sealing, concrete work, or some other landscape design project, homeowners in Toronto know they can rely on us when they need incredible results. Our team has consistently helped homeowners improve their front and backyards with excellent products and services. You want the best for your home, so be sure to call the best when you want to start a landscaping project. Call the team at AHS when you need a company with:

  • Services that are highly-rated
  • Many varied product options
  • Professionals with the right experience and skills
  • Amazing rates
  • Reliable warranty on labour (5-years)

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The Top Landscaping Experts in Toronto

Looking to replace your old deck with a new one? Is your driveway in need of some asphalt sealing? Are you looking to install interlocking driveway? You have plans for your home, and we're the team that can bring your plans to life. The team at AHS works closely with our clients to determine their needs and wants and develop a plan for how to help them achieve their goals for their home. Here are some of the many landscaping and interlocking services we offer our clients to help them build their dream home:

Stone Patio or Backyard Interlocking Toronto

Homeowners love the idea of having a stone driveway or walkways because it makes their home look so stylish. Lucky for you, AHS offers amazing stonework products and services that you can use to enhance your home, like interlocking driveways in Toronto. You can call AHS for interlocking for your patio, driveway and walkways. Apart from that, we can also provide flagstone, retaining walls and interlock repair services.

Asphalt Sealing Toronto

People love using asphalt for their driveway because asphalt is such an impressively durable and flexible material to work with. However, asphalt driveways will need to be sealed from time to time. When you need reliable asphalt sealing in Toronto, the AHS team is on hand to help you. We have much experience with asphalt sealing for residential and commercial driveway sealing, parking lot sealing, asphalt repair, and line painting.


Landscaping can make a huge impact on the exterior design of your home – especially when it is done right. With good landscaping, you can make a strong first impression on anyone who sees your home for the first time. Our team is the landscape design company to call when you want to make an indelible first impression. We encourage you to give us a call today to inquire about our extensive landscaping services in Toronto. Let’s get started on enhancing your home!


Introducing some wood design elements to your home is a great way to inject a natural or earthy feel to your home’s exterior. Installing a wood deck or a cabana, for example, is just another way to bring nature into your property. The woodworking pros at AHS have gained a lot of woodworking experience in our years of providing landscape design services. You can call us when you want to add a beautiful wood deck, fence, pergola, gazebo, or cabana to your back or front yard.


Concrete is a strong and reliable material, which is why many homeowners elect to use it for their driveways, walkways and patios. The team at AHS has been helping homeowners with their concrete needs for many years now, which means that you can trust our concrete services. Whether you need stamped concrete, plain concrete or aggregate concrete, we can help. So be sure to call the concrete experts at AHS.

Pressure Washing

We all know how important it is to clean the inside of our homes, which makes it just as important to clean the outside of our homes. Our team can help you make the outside of your home looks its absolute best thanks to our pressure washing service. When you start to notice stains in your interlocking or other blemishes on your walkways or patios, you can give AHS a call. We’ll arrive with the necessary tools to make your home spotless.

Other Services

As experts in exterior design, we have an extensive suite of exterior design services that you can rely on to improve your home. We’re in the business of helping you with every aspect of your home’s exterior, which is why you can call us when you need a company to install aluminum railings, maintain commercial and residential lawns, install outdoor kitchens, and remove snow from driveways.

Top-Rated Landscaping Experts

AHS is the company to call when you need high-quality landscaping in Toronto and the surrounding areas. From our interlocking to our asphalt sealing, we have a wide range of landscaping services that you can rely on to make your home look spectacular. Whether it’s with our amazing products or professional services, we always leave our clients amazed and impressed with the final results that we deliver for them. This is something we commit to accomplishing with all of our customers. 

Are you planning to get started on a big home renovation project in your backyard or your front yard? Then be sure you call the experts at Action Home Services. Our team of landscape and construction professionals is available to help you build your dream home. With the help of our landscaping services, which includes interlocking driveways, asphalt sealing, woodwork, and so much more, you will be able to enhance your home for the better (and for the long-term). Call the team at AHS today to inquire about a free quote.

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