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Heated driveways are a luxurious addition to any home. They provide a safe and efficient way to clear snow and ice from your driveway, offering extra convenience during winter months. Give us a call to get set up with a consultation and request your free quote for your heated driveway, today!

Heated Driveway Contractors

Heated driveways are gaining traction and with good reason! If you are tired of returning home after a long day to shovel six inches of snow off your driveway, a heated system is exactly what you need. Choose from a glycol or an electrically heated system to keep your driveway snow and ice-free 24/7.

Our team is here to help! We have pioneered the electric and glycol-heated driveway system over the years, leaving our clients feeling the AHS difference. From quality work to excellent customer service, we make your project our priority. See what our clients are saying about our level of service and quality on Google and HomeStars.

Here’s what you can expect from working with our team:

  • Free in-house estimate
  • Our in-house designer that will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life
  • Industry-leading professionals with decades of combined experience
  • Affordable rates
  • Limited warranty on labour (5 years)
  • Services for residential and commercial properties across King City
  • Flexible solutions using glycol or electric heating
  • The all-in-one package: we handle the excavation, installation, and the final finish. So you don’t have to shop, vet and find 3 trustworthy contractors for your project.
Service Price Estimate
Electrical Heated Driveway $19 - $35 / square foot Free In-Home Estimate
Gas (glycol) Heated Driveway $30 - $45 / square foot Free In-Home Estimate

Heated Driveway Services

With these revolutionary driveway solutions, you can say goodbye to shoveling and salting your driveway this winter. Both, glycol heated driveways and electric heated driveways, are fantastic options for keeping your driveway dry and protected from snow and ice. These systems each come with their own set of advantages, explained below:

Our electrical heated driveways can range between $19/ square foot and $35/ square foot, while our gas (glycol) heated driveways range from $30/ square foot to $45/ square foot.

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Glycol Heated Driveways

Glycol-heated driveways use a closed system with PVC tubes, containing a Glycol liquid. This system includes a natural gas or propane boiler, which is usually placed in the basement or garage.  Glycol tends to have higher initial set-up costs, however, it saves money in the long run due to efficiency.

These systems are always on at low power in the winter, so when the snow sensor detects snowfall, they turn on right away and keep the driveway clear of snow or ice. Even during a heavy storm!

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Electrical Heated Driveways

Electrically heated driveways are widely used due to their easy installation and customization features. These systems are simply installed beneath the driveway and do not require any additional space, which is a huge bonus for many homeowners.

They use metal coils and panels that are connected to a nearby electrical panel/breaker. Homeowners are able to automate the system to control the date, time, and temperature it is set to. This means you can turn it on and off as needed, which is especially convenient in the winter. That being said, they do take a little longer to heat up than glycol systems and are also more expensive to run.

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Providing Heated Driveway Installations Across King City

Not sure which system is best for your home? Give us to call to connect with our heated driveway installation experts. Our team would be happy to provide you with professional advice, set you up with a free quote, and get started on installing your new heated driveway system.

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