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We are proud to offer our clients Pressure Treated Decks. Our construction professionals have years of experience working with all kinds of pressure-treated decking. Our experts know everything about decks and can answer any of your questions and install your new deck quickly and efficiently.

Pressure Treated Decks | Design And Installation

Pressure-treated decks are an excellent way to add beauty and value to your outdoor space. Pressure-treated wood is specially treated with a preservative that helps protect it from the elements, including rot, mould, fungus, and insects. This helps ensure that your deck will remain strong and beautiful for years to come. Additionally, pressure-treated decks are also much more affordable than other types of decks, making them a great option for those on a budget. Ultimately, pressure-treated decks are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add beauty and value to their outdoor space. Action Home Services has the right tools and techniques to install your pressure-treated deck with proper care that will last for years.

Our professional teams does more than just install your pressure-treated decks, we custom-design them to your every need. Our in-house designer can work with you to come up with a design you’ll love and then our installation crew will bring your vision to life. Here’s why so many homeowners have trusted us with their decking needs:

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  • Limited Warranty on Labor (5 Years)

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    Pressure Treated Decks - Plan, Design, Build

    There is no argument that the look and even smells of natural wood decking are beautiful, classic and traditional. Pressure-treated decks take this concept to the next level. Still possessing the enviable qualities of normal wooden lumber decks while also having the durability and resilience of modern decking materials. Pressure-treated decking options come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and styles, which is why it is important to go with the team at AHS for your custom pressure-treated deck installation. Whatever vision you have for your deck, Action Home Services will bring it to life.

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    Benefits of Pressure-Treated Decks

    Pressure-treated decks offer a range of advantages that make them an ideal choice for outdoor living spaces. They are extremely durable and have natural resistance to the elements, including rot and insects. Furthermore, they require minimal upkeep and can last up to 20 years or more with proper care. Pressure-treated decks are also cost effective since they are less expensive compared to other types of decking materials. Additionally, pressure-treated wood is available in a variety of attractive styles, colors and textures that allow homeowners to personalize their outdoor living space. Finally, pressure-treated decks may be easier and faster to install than other decking materials due to their pre-cut dimensions. Ultimately, these features make pressure-treated decks an excellent option for homeowners who want a beautiful and long-lasting outdoor living space.

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    Staining Your Pressure Treated Deck

    When it comes to staining a pressure-treated deck, there are several options available. Depending on the look you want and the budget you have, you can choose from oil-based stains, water-based stains, semi-transparent stains, solid colour stains or clear sealants.

    Oil-based stains penetrate deep into the wood grain and offer good coverage while resisting mildew and UV damage. Water-based stains use a high-pressure water machine to inject the chemicals into the wood, providing vibrant, long-lasting colours with less odour but will need to be reapplied more often than oil-based products. Semi-transparent stains allow some of the wood’s natural beauty to show through while offering protection from mildew and UV damage. Solid colour stains completely cover any imperfections in your decking boards but require more maintenance than semi-transparent stains. Clear sealants protect your deck from the elements but do not provide any colour or tone to the existing wood grain.

    No matter what type of stain you choose, make sure to properly prepare the surface before applying it. With the right preparation and protection, you can extend the life of your deck for many years to come.

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    Pressure Treated vs Composite Decks

    Pressure treated wood decks are one of the most popular and cost-effective options for homeowners looking to add a deck to their home. Pressure treated wood is generally less expensive than composite materials, making it an attractive choice when considering the cost.

    On the other hand, composite decks are made from a combination of plastic and wood fibers that are bonded together. Composite decks also require less maintenance than traditional wood decks as they don’t need to be stained or sealed regularly. 

    When deciding between pressure treated vs composite decks, it is important to consider your budget, as well as how much maintenance you’re willing to do. Pressure-treated wood may be the more affordable option, but it will require more upkeep over time. Composite decks are more expensive upfront but can save you money in the long run due to their longer lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what works best for your home and lifestyle.

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    Pressure Treated vs PVC Decks

    Pressure-treated and PVC decking are two types of materials commonly used when building a deck. While they have some similarities, they also have many differences that should be considered before selecting a material for your deck.

    PVC decking is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic mixed with stabilizers, colourants, and other additives. PVC decking is low-maintenance, long-lasting, durable, and resistant to rot and decay. It also doesn’t require any staining or painting as pressure-treated wood does.

    When deciding between pressure-treated vs PVC decking, consider your budget, how much maintenance you’re willing to do, and the climate in which you live. Pressure-treated wood may be a better choice if you’re on a tight budget as it’s less expensive than PVC decking while still being strong and durable. On the other hand, if you want something that requires minimal maintenance over time and can resist rot and decay, then PVC decking may be the better option. Ultimately, it’s important to weigh all the factors when deciding between the two materials.

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    If you need high-quality Decks in Toronto and the surrounding areas, AHS is the company to call. You can rely on us for a wide range of services to make your home’s backyard look stunning, from custom decks to gazebos and pergolas. In almost all cases, we offer a 5-year limited warranty on our construction projects because we are dedicated to leaving our clients amazed and satisfied.

    Are you planning to renovate your backyard? Don’t hesitate to contact Action Home Services. We can help you build your dream deck with our team of deck contractors. We’re experienced, friendly, affordable, and fast, so you can count on us to build your deck in the GTA or Toronto. Get a free quote from AHS today.