Cedar Decks

For a beautiful wood finish that is naturally resistant to rotting and decay, cedar wood decking is the way to go. To design and install your cedar deck, give our contractors a call. Our experienced professionals would be happy to answer any of your questions and get your new deck built quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Us For Your Cedar Deck Installation?

Cedar is a natural dryer wood, which means it does not have to be treated with water. This makes the wood more naturally resistant to decay, rot, insect damage, and absorption/expansion than other wood materials. However, depending on the amount of sunlight hitting the deck, the wood will eventually begin to discolor and fade.

Cedarwood possesses superior insulation qualities to help regulate temperatures during all four Canadian seasons. Additionally, cedar’s unique aroma helps deter bugs, making it ideal if you’re looking for a low-maintenance deck. With its natural beauty and warm tones, cedar can be used as-is, or customized with stains or paint to match your existing exterior design. Whether you choose traditional wood grain patterns or something more modern, cedar provides a beautiful and unique look that will add charm and value to any outdoor space.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • A Free In-Home Estimate
  • An In-House Designer to Help Bring Your Ideas to Life
  • Experienced Deck Installation professionals
  • Affordable Rates for Your Project
  • Limited Warranty on Labor (5 Years)

Cedar Decks - Plan, Design, Build

Cedar decks are the strongest natural choice for decks, and the natural wood look and smell are an added bonus! Installing cedar decking is a win-win situation - you get to enjoy the look of natural wood with the benefits of it being treated. For a variety of cedar decking options, AHS is the company to call.

Cedar Deck

Benefits of Cedar Decks

Cedar is an ideal material for building decks because it is a strong, lightweight wood material that resists many common outdoor elements, such as insect infestations and moisture. Cedar also has a natural beauty that makes it one of the most popular materials used for outdoor construction. If properly maintained, your cedar deck can last you up to 15-20 years.

Cedar wood’s natural oils give it excellent resistance to rot and naturally repel termites and other pests, without the use of chemical treatments or sprays. Its natural ability to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere makes it super environmentally friendly. Not to mention, it requires limited maintenance, since it does not need to be restained frequently.

Though cedar wood is not the cheapest option, given its many benefits, it’s actually one of the most affordable, making it a great decking option.

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We provide construction and general contracting services to all types of estates, homes, and properties across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We want to help you transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and functional outdoor paradise. Give us a call to get the ball rolling on your next decking project.

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Staining Your Cedar Deck

Staining a cedar deck is an important step in protecting it from the elements. The natural oils found in cedar wood have many benefits, but they are not enough to protect the wood from sun, rain, and snow damage without additional protection. Staining a cedar deck will help to seal out any moisture, keeping the colour of the wood vibrant and preventing warping and cracking. It will also help to maintain its natural beauty by protecting and preserving its colour from fading that can occur over time in the sun.

By taking proper care of your cedar deck by staining it regularly, you can ensure that it remains beautiful for years to come. Action Home Services can stain any of your cedar decks with the colour and texture of your choice. 

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Action Home Services provides high-quality decks in Toronto and the surrounding areas. You can count on us for a variety of backyard decking designs.

We offer a 5-year limited warranty on most of our construction projects because we want to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Is your backyard in need of a renovation? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the experienced, friendly, affordable, and efficient contractors at AHS. Contact us today for your free quote.