This North York homeowner came to us to ask for help with improving the curb appeal of their home with a new interlocking walkway and steps for their home’s entryway. The project started with our team demolishing and disposing of the existing concrete steps. After we removed the concrete, we supplied and installed the interlocking walkway, and then we installed block steps for the main entrance and the side entrance to this North York home. To help improve the look of the entryway, landscaping specialists also planted a new garden beside the steps, and we installed aluminum railings to go with the new steps and walkway. This project presented a challenge to our team that is unique to busy cities. This home is located at a busy intersection, which meant that it was difficult to access. Our team had to ensure that they didn’t block traffic while doing the work, and they had to get the right permits to ensure that the new interlocking adhered to city bylaws.