This client came to us a wanted us to do a complete and total backyard renovation. It is important to note, that the backyard did not exist before we came in. Our team had to do everything you see in the pictures from scratch. As you can see from the pictures below, the client wanted to install a sizable pool and add some interlocking. The project first started with our team excavating and preparing the work site, as well as grading and leveling the area for the new pool. After we had the area established, we had to install pool interlocking, making sure to adhere to the client’s preferences and style. After this was done, we supplied and installed an interlocking patio and add some river rocks to improve the aesthetic. We also install pavers over existing concrete to create another patio around the pool area. Our team also had to provide landscape design services, which meant we had to excavate areas for a garden (approximately 1,450 sq ft) and provide the soil for the new garden. Finally, we had to install curbs around the patio.