This Toronto homeowner wanted help redoing the interlocking around their home and to more generally improve their landscaping. The difficult thing about this project was the location of this home, which was at a busy intersection in Toronto. This made it difficult to access the property, and on top of that, the grading for the house was not even! So many of the aspects of the project were difficult; but lucky for the homeowners, they chose Action Home Services. Our project managers were able to handle all of the challenges with this project and deliver a final product that the homeowner loved. We had to start with concrete demolition to create a blank canvas for us to work on. Our team did a lot of the interlocking for the home, including the interlocking driveway and interlocking walkway. We also provided them with a flagstone porch and retaining walls for much of the plants. We also did a lot to beautify the property with planting, flower beds and a gorgeous pergola.